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Eyecatcher of the day

Wow, how fashionable they are. The Twins from Tokio Hotel, Bill and Tom Kaulitz, have been photographed for the cover of the italian vogue. With custom-made-suits and seemingly two tubes of gel. They almost look serious, wasn’t it for the baggy-pants of Tom. From the top fashionable, down…well…but who wants to be serious…




Tom and Bill of Tokio hotel are not in demand only as musicians

Einer Model, einer Muffel

When it comes to presenting themselves on the red carpet, Bill and Tom Kaulitz (21), the twins of the successful band Tokio Hotel (“Durch den Monsun”), could not be more different. And even during photo shoot for major magazines, parts are clearly assigned between the boys.

That’s what each of them does the best for the cover-shooting of the October issue of L’Uomo Vogue, the Italian version of “Vogue” for men.

Like a High Fashion Model Bill Kaulitz – super+noble in suit, white shirt with fly and queue leather boots with wedged heal – leans to a gilded table, the one arm rested, the others lasciviously onto the hip.

The make-up is so dark and extravagant with the darkly made up eyes, as one knows of him. His look: glamorous.

Twin Tom turned on the Model job clearly more loosely. He stands to hip Model poses, confident stance and completely relaxed in the picture.

And even for “Vogue”, who is really known for expensive fashion, he is not without its cool Style, wearing baggy jeans and white trainers. His look: emphasizes casual and extremely cool.

Which twin do you like better on the “L’Uomo Vogue”?

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On THe Shoot Set

L'uomo Vogue, 2010 L'uomo Vogue, 2010 L'uomo Vogue, 2010

To see THe Full set, click an image ; )