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This one is dedicated to the agonizing bully sweetheart that is Gustav Schäfer. Yes, it’s some compromising material – but be assured, we of course did NOT ask Gustav if it’s OK to release it into the wild public… enjoy.

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Skype Interview – Russia


Random, what the f*k happened to Tom’s outfit in Baltimore?
That’s the most disgusting smell ever… yuck.
Hang out with us backstage, bring Febreze!

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#firstsolovideo #LDBM” ~ Bill

“You will have to wait, but you have no idea what’s coming! #LDBM #ArtFashionMusic” ~ De-Code LTD

“Hard at work directing top secret music video #topsecret #musicvideo” ~ Davis Factor
“It’s a wrap we killed it !! #LDBM #smashbox” ~ Davis Factor
“Love this image from my photo shoot with @billkaulitz @tokiohotel @decodeltd he is such a bad ass
and amazing talent #LDBM #billkaulitz #badass” ~ Davis Factor

“fun on set w Tokio Hotel” ~ International Geographics

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The Blakhat Reception, Milk Studios – Los Angeles

(WARNING: some images on site NSFW)



We are in Sao Paulo Brazil, getting into some paintball action while having a day off from touring!
Thanks again for the great concert and we’d love to return to Brazil on our next tour!

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(posted 22.09.2015)


Official VKontakte Announcement!

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Tokio HOTEL-FEEL IT ALL-World Tour 2015

“Finally! After years of expectations TOKIO HOTEL returned to Russia with a tour in support of their new album, KINGS OF SUBURBIA, to regain the crown of the big stage, and rockers. Meet TOKIO HOTEL in the city – it will be an unforgettable show! Tokio Hotel returned to reclaim the title of Kings, with the album Kings of Suburbia! German synth-pop and pop-rock band formed in 2001 in Magdeburg. As part of Bill Kaulitz (vocals, lyrics), Thomas Kaulitz (guitar, back-vocals, synths, keyboards, arranger), Gustav Schafer (drums, samples), Georg Listing (bass, back-vocals, synths, keyboards).”

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