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Tokio Hotel TV is BACK!
Season Premiere

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Off Berlinale – Berlin

Bill's Photos

Bill's Photos Bill's Photos Bill's Photos

The Off-Berlinale Party

While the capital cities and film tourists are moving across the Potsdamer Place and in front of the screen, we took a look around the big Berlinale Playhouse. After all, all the parties during the film festival are the biggest spectacle, right? One of the highlights: yesterday’s off-party party. Since even the most camera-proofed actors celebrities have enough of the flash lightning storm and pile-up on the red carpet after a week of Berlinale, “strictly secret” parties are accepted only too gladly during the festival.

This year: for the first time, the party can be reported, exclusively the photos of the event are available…. The open bar was immediately stormed, as was the dance floor. The 700 guests, including Bill Kaulitz, director Tom Tykwer, actress Nadine Warmuth, were able to take a break on the roof terrace.



Many celebrity faces were discovered during the event, among them were, for example, Nikeata Thompson, Bill and Tom Kaulitz and many more.

Since H & M was main sponsor, some stars had to look up on the red carpet in the rather unusual H & M look. The outfits were mostly minimalistic. Combinations of red and black with Bill Kaulitz and Emilia Schüle were sighted.

Twin Photos

Tom's Photos

Bill's Photos Bill's Photos Bill's Photos

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Party Animals! Bill & Tom Kaulitz are celebrating with the Berlinale
Bill & Tom Kaulitz enjoy the nightlife during the Berlinale!


Bill Kaulitz in the interview:
It is my absolute dream album

In two weeks the new album of Tokio Hotel will be released. “Dream Machine” is the new work and for Bill Kaulitz (27), it is his dream album. The boys are currently in Berlin and rehearse for their tour. Laura from met the gentlemen at the “Iconist” award in Kreuzberg and talked to Bill about the new album, fashion and inspiration.

You recorded an LP all by yourself for the first time. How was that?
We started making the album at the Red Bull Studio in Berlin and put the foundation here. Tom and I have a studio in Los Angeles and had written all by ourselves. Without any stress. Our label has given us the complete freedom to do everything. They did not hear anything until the end. About ten days ago we showed you the finished record.

Were you afraid they might not like it?


The New Video of Tokio Hotel
with the skyline of L.A. as a backdrop

The new video of Tokio Hotel for the song “Something New” was shot in the heart of Los Angeles and in the desert.

The fans can look forward to the new Tokio Hotel album “Dream Machine” on 03.03.2017. Now Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing have released the first official video about the song “Something New”. It was filmed in the election home of Tom and Bill, Los Angeles.

New World Tour

As early as mid-September, Tokio Hotel published the tour dates of their new world tour “Dream Machine”, which will begin on March 12, 2017 in London. The new album of the German electro-indie-quartet was probably the best-kept secret of the music industry. Until now. The album “Something New” provides an impressive pre-taste for the new sound world of the band with its epochal sound world from analog synths and wide soundscapes.

The fear of living life backwards

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