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Fan Armies in Their Own Words:
Aliens, Echelon, VIPs & More Sound Off

As Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off continues its fourth round — Tokio Hotel‘s Aliens are battling it out with Thirty Seconds to Mars’ Echelon, and Skillet’s Panheads are taking on BIGBANG’s VIP — we’ve asked prominent members of several fan armies to tell us why their fandom is the best. Here they are, in their own words.

Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off: The Final Four

Tokio Hotel’s Aliens (In the final four):

Tokio Hotel’s fans, #Aliens, are more than fans, we’re family. Thanks to their music, we’ve built incredible friendships with people all over the world — from the USA to Siberia, Germany to Israel. Their music stopped us in our tracks the moment we heard it and takes our breath away when we get to see Tokio Hotel performing live.

The music and our unity has seen us through the best and worst of times, and we are forever grateful. It is that love that fuels our global communities and we come together for one reason, supporting Tokio Hotel.

Most of us found Tokio Hotel  online. Sharing info via social media built the Aliens strength. When the #Aliens are called on to speak for our band, beware! Our support spreads faster than you can say “Ready, Set, Go!” Someone calls for a fan vote? Hope they added bandwidth because the #Aliens can crash sites. #Aliens don’t fade away, we are here waiting for their return, continuing to support and spread the name of  Tokio Hotel  wherever we can.

The Aliens are of all ages, different cultures, countries and religions, but we are bound together by a language that breaks all barriers: music! Scratch that… TOKIO HOTEL’S MUSIC! — @tokiohotelusa

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Which fan army is the strongest? Billboard.com hopes to answer that question with the Fan Army Face-Off, a bracket-style tournament in which various fan armies will square off to prove that they are unequivocally the loudest voices. We’ve rounded up 32 of the most notable fan armies today, and through five rounds, we’ll let the fans themselves determine which fan armies stride forward, or fall by the wayside.

Round 4 of Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off has now begun!



Voting closes on August 3

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