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“Tokio Hotel AREN’T faking it!”

Manager slams Perez Hilton’s attack on Bill

Tokio Hotel’s manager addresses the Rubbish claims by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton that lead singer Bill, has been faking the US tour concert performances,  and called him an “internet brat”.

The spat comes after Hollywood gossip legend Perez Hilton labelled Bill Kaulitz and the band “pathetic” on his blog for not playing and singing live during their recent concerts.

Tokio Hotel’s manager David Jost slammed the attacks as utter nonsense:
The band having been playing their butts off. And of course Bill sings live!

Jost added jokingly: “Anyone who has been once to a Tokio Hotel concert knows that. But perhaps we can profit from rumours to the contrary. If anyone who hasn’t yet been to a Tokio Hotel concert and still doubts that they play live now takes the opportunity to buy a ticket for their next concert, then we might think about employing this internet brat [Perez Hilton] as a concert promoter.”

Whether celebrity guru Perez Hilton will take up this offer remains to be seen…

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