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Tokio Hotel Reminisces On Their Favorite VMA Looks

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Rock Band Tokio Hotel Dishes On Their World Tour

Watch Interview HERE

Periscope view

Periscope – De-code view

Answering Aliens

(De-code view)

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Red! Stars, Lifestyle & More

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12 Questions for TH, video

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Red! Stars, Lifestyle & More

#1 – Magdeburg, or L.A.?
Georg: Magdeburg

#2 – Blond or Brunette?
Bill: Blond

#3 – Cara Delevigne, or Kate Moss?
Tom: auh, Cara

#4 – Snapchat or Instagram?
Gustav: Instagram

#5 – Jeans or leather jacket?
Georg: Jeans

#6 – Tattoos or piercing?
Bill: Tattoos

#7 – Dancing or the Bar?
Tom: Dancing

#8 – Game of Thrones, or Breaking Bad?
Gustav: Breaking Bad

#9 – Studio or stage?
Georg: Stage

#10 – Sleeping in, or up early?
Bill: Sleeping in

#11 – You prefer songs in German, or English
Tom: English

#12 – Dogs or cats
Gustav: Dogs

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