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Immerse yourself in the world of Tom, Bill, Gustav, and Georg.
We accompanied the four on their tour through Europe for several weeks
and were able to experience all ups and downs with Tokio Hotel up close.
Episode one of the documentary shows the tour start in Paris.



Follow Bill, & Tom Kaulitz, Gustav, and Georg aka Tokio Hotel along their tour through Europe. In this episode of our documentary the boys are in Berlin. Get the best look behind the scenes ever! Even Heidi Klumm, Tom‘s new wife visits the band backstage!



Between Hype, Career Suicide and Leonardo DiCaprio

Bigger and more hyped than at the most blatant time 2005 is not over. Keeping up the music is very consistent: Tokio Hotel, can soon celebrate their 20th birthday and do not seem to be in the mood for music anymore.

Of course, in the Song-Tindern with Bill, Tom, Georg, and Gustav, we talk about the big hype, even bigger decisions and about what it’s like to fire people at the age of 15. Together with Tokio Hotel, they also go back to their old classroom to the teacher Mrs. Bühnemann and to the first Coachella Festival, which visited Bill. Since he could feel free for the first time again.

When it comes to song-tying, we also clarify whether Bill, changes the stage outfits more often than Britney Spears, how their lyrics are created, and why Georg, and Leonardo DiCaprio should meet each other.

Here are all the songs that have destroyed Tokio Hotel:

1:31 Britney Spears – Toxic
3:43 Juju feat. Henning May – Missing
6:25 Avicii – Addicted to you
8:26 pm Juanes – La Camisa Negra
12:52 Annie Lennox – Little Bird
14:44 Children’s song: I love the summer …
17:05 Celine Dion – My heart wants to go on
19:50 Genetikk – Love it or leave it
22:53 Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound

If the stars swipe to the right, they like the song, but if they swipe left, they failed.
That’s the principle. And there are always interesting stories about it.



“Curious vocal exercises, very intimate gifts, fall asleep with Heidi Klum, crazy costumes and a lot of follies. In the backstage report with Tokio Hotel in Berlin our music editor Felix had a lot to laugh about.”