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Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz: We want sex!

The concert in Rostov November 1 was of the legendary band Tokio Hotel!

Queue at the CSC Express stretches almost to the Theatre Square. Despite the cold weather, brightly dressed girls and boys are in high spirits. Some discuss their recent posts in social networks, others are trying to warm up with hot coffee, and some are ready to break into the room, where there is less than an hour until the group «Tokio Hotel» will appear for the first time in front of their Rostov fans.

The famous German quartet is considered the most successful band of their generation. They sold 400,000 albums and more than 100,000 DVD with only the first year of active work, with the oldest member of the band – bass guitarist Georg Listing, at that time was not 19 years old.

The wave of “Tokio mania” struck Russia: albums «Scream» and «Humanoid» acquired the status of gold here, and the album «Zimmer 483″ went double platinum.
In 2014, after three years, radically the changed the image of the musicians (change spared only drummer Gustav Schafer) are back on the scene. Matured not only the brothers Kaulitz, a new sounding musical product. Released last fall, the album «Kings of suburbia», according to musicians, mostly electronic.

«Tokio Hotel» noted a big comeback tour «Feel It All World Tour 2015″, visiting 16 Russian cities. November 1 Rostov first opportunity to see and hear the artists live. At a press conference before the concert the musicians told why they do not sing in German, which is why they decided to leave the scene and a Russian city they liked the most.

Guys, what do you think of abusive words using in art (music, literature)?

Bill: I think it depends on what you want to say, sometimes it’s necessary to use. There’s an abusive word in Germany it means «fuck», i liked to use it when i was younger. Sometimes we just need abusive words if it makes sense.

– Most of your early songs were in German, the band even received a special prize from the Goethe Institute for the promotion of the native language in the world. Why is the album «Kings of suburbia» was released only in English?

Bill: We didn’t want to force the whole thing anymore knowing that one version will always be better than the other. It was obvious that one version was always better than another. We didn’t want to do word for word translation anymore, simply because you just can’t translate everything. sometimes you have to take into account the peculiarities of the language in which you sing., so i say ‘f**k it, we’re just gonna do it in English’. Now i am writing, dreaming and thinking in English. Therefore, I decided to sing in English.

– Your most devoted fans live in Russia. Have you prepared anything special for them tonight?

Bill: We are really happy to be here, and we’ve prepared this show. We wanted to come to Russia for a long time, but your country is too big, and it was hard to find a driver to bring all our production. As i always say, ‘TH concert changes life!’ We are happy to bring all our show, i can’t wait for the people to see them for the first time.

– When you started musical career most of your fans were teenagers. Tell me how do they look now? Who are these fans?

Bill: I feel like most of them are still fans, they just have grown with us and our music. Now we have more guys fans. It used to be only girls, now a lot of guys come to our shows, it’s nice.

– Have you ever got any crazy gifts from your fans?

Bill: Ooh, we have. The craziest was when fans came with a tattoo-machine and asked me to tattoo them whatever i want. But i have never done it in my life.

– Bill, in 2010 you were so impressed by your Russian fans that provoked you to say ‘I gonna get Russian passport!’ Do you have such thoughts yet?

Bill: I would love to get the Russian passport. That would be so much fun, cause i can come here more often and easily. So if you, guys, can do it for me, that would be nice

– Now you are in front of your fans after the vacation. Do you wanna get their love again, commercial success or anything else?

Bill: We want sex. I’m kidding! For us it wasn’t about commercial success or anything like that, we wanted to create an album that will be fun again, something we enjoy again. So the success is always nice of course, but for us it’s like at this point of our career we didn’t have to prove anything anymore, we feel like we came to everything we ever wanted and even more. So it was really just about the fun.

– Guys, do you listen to the Russian music? Maybe you know some singers…

Tom: No, we don’t. But a couple days ago we were in a traditional Russian restaurant, it was good, we had a lot of vodka. And there were a band… how it calls… ‘Kazaky’. They were amazing!

– Do you know anything about our city?

Bill: We don’t know much, but i like it, because here is the biggest hotel room and the bad i’ve ever had in my life! Everything is golden! But to be honest it’s even hard for me to remember the name. How to say it right? «Ro-sto-von-Don». We can’t say that Rostov-on-Don was super-welcoming, cause we didn’t see anything, but the hotel.

– When can we meet Kaulitz brothers with acoustic concert?

Bill: We were talking about it a lot. When we started to promote for this record in some cities we played couple of songs in acoustic version, but i thought that the «Kings of suburbia» was electronic, and i just wanted to bring that on the stage. Right now we enjoy electronic music and stuff like that. I don’t know, may be we will release acoustic «The best of» in future.

– Why did leave world scene in 2010? Was it difficult to come to a decision of comeback?

Bill: We were tired of touring, music, and most of all – our fame. There was no inspiration anymore. We wanted to escape from our career, so we moved to USA and stayed there. We said ‘let’s take some time off’, to see when we are inspired again. It was necessary to step out of line a little bit to give people and us a chance to miss «Tokio Hotel»

– What Russian city did you like most of all?

Bill: In some cities we couldn’t go out, because we arrived at night, and we fly out next night, so didn’t really see anything, but the hotel. We spent some time in the first city of our Russian tour, Irkutsk. It was fine, we went to the lake Baikal, and it was really nice. People were friendly, we had good food. Then we love Moscow, it’s very beautiful.

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