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MTV O Music Awards:
Recapping 23 Awards In 24 Hours

MTV’s quirky award show, the O Music Awards, set out to be even quirkier and more ambitious with their latest “ceremony.”

Viacom also reports that the 24 hour ceremony generated more than 43 million votes, doubling the amount of votes from the O Music Awards 2 that took place in October.

Tokio Hotel‘s infamously aggressive fanbase won the “Fan Army FTW” honor, which they have swept all three times. Smart move putting the “Fan Army FTW” award last as the Twitter feed would commonly include Tokio Hotel fans (who beat out the fanbases of Taylor Swift, One Direction, and popular K-pop groups Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, and 2NE1) tweeting about the awards. The band also promised a guitar for a fan if they won, which they mentioned in a quick thank you video played after the win.

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O Music Awards:
5 Winners (Primarily Tokio Hotel) We’re Especially Stoked About

Tokio Hotel thanks the “Aliens” in the wee hours of the morning via their Night Vision camera.

Did you guys just wake up after watching all 24 hours of the O Music Awards? We kinda need a nap ourselves, except HOW CAN WE SLEEP when Tokio Hotel won Fan Army FTW for the THIRD TIME!??

Tokio Hotel Win Their THIRD Fan Army FTW Award:
Man, you Aliens out there seriously DO NOT GIVE UP. And that’s a good thing. For the THIRD TIME, Tokio Hotel‘s Aliens won the Fan Army FTW Award, and they even gave away a guitar as a thank-you. We’re more than a little jealous we didn’t qualify.

Sarahi Kaulitz Wins The OMA Superfan Award:
Yes, even fans can win awards at the O Music Awards. Dreams can come true. Once again, Tokio Hotel pops up on our radar as Alien Sarahi Kaulitz from Mexico City, Mexico managed to snag this award from probably zillions of fans. Something tells us it got super loud in her room yesterday. Well, more so than the usual blasting of “Automatic.” Also, her last name is Kaulitz! Did she change her name to match the band members’? Cause if so, girl, you are DEFINITELY a superfan.

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