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Tokyo hotel - “Hurricanes and Suns”

Tokio Hotel conquered the world . They’ve got the fairy tale career down, about which all bands dream, but who hardly ever reach. Already more than five years there ago, with “Durch den Monsun” they over night became absolute megastars in Germany.

Tokio Hotel has broken all records presented before them. Unbelievably, 58 times platinum, 87 times gold and so far 90 national and internationally sales. The band performed in France before 500.000 jubilant French at the foot of the Eiffel tower and in different countries released a true boom among young pupils in learning German.

The latter five years now summarize, Tokio Hotel put the first section of their musical career in a ‘Best Of’ album. Whereupon it also includes the unpublished song “Hurricanes and Suns” from the year 2009, apart from the largest hits of the last three albums.

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Tokio Hotel - "Mädchen aus dem All" 

Who would have thought that the news magazine “mirror” wouls already be comparing Tokio Hotel with the Beatles or that a cover story in “New York Times” dedicated the boys. Or that the Magdeburgers would give an autograph hour in Times Square and the New Yorker police had to close businesses because of uncontrollable large crush of fan hysteria.

Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav probably dared not to think when they took up in 2003 that their first song “Mädchen aus dem All” would be recored in a professional studio. Now this exact song appears for the first time on a 2010 album of Tokio Hotel, i.e. the ‘Best Of’ CD.

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