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Tokio Hotel SuperProduction brings incredible fire, and videos!

Before Tokio Hotel even stepped on stage this night in São Paulo, the fans already cried out in choir the name of the band. But when “Noise”, the opening song, started, the public went crazy in search of the vocalist, Bill Kaulitz, that appeared on stage from an internal elevator.

In the third song, “Break Away”, the leader of the band took off his jacket then wore only a t-shirt, to the delirium of the fans. In reply, a declaration for the public saying repeatedly that they loved the Brazilian fans.

The band has a mega show production for “Welcome you the Humanoid City”, with effect special of light and videos that surprises the fans! During songs “Hey You” and “Darkside of the Sun”, a fire beam blasts the stage. Very incredible to see up close!

In sequence, they performed “Alien” and “Ready, Set, Go”, and then later they had left the stage while the scene was prepared for the acoustic part of the show. Another high point of the presentation was to see the girls singing “Humanoid” in German. Bill has made an impression, as much that in the end of each song, all clapped many palms throughout the auditorium. “Phantomrider” was another song that also supplied acoustics.

As promised in the exclusive interview that the band gave to the magazine WHIM of this fortnight, Bill changed his clothes many times one to another one, by the way, some containing neon lights and metals.

In the end of the show, a sequence of songs livened up the crowd still more: “Love and Death”, “In Your Shadow (I can shine)”, “Automatic”, “Scremin'” and “Darkside of the Sun”.

To finish, they broke into “Zoom Me”, with Tom Kaulitz playing a piano on fire, and after the last exchange with Bill, “Forever Now” locked up the show with a shower of confetti.

The presentation was ultrasonic from the start to the end. Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav had proved that it really was a show of surprises, and as perceived, the Brazilian fans really are passionate about them.

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