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A lot of parking for campers near the Arena for the girls who come from all over Europe, a small tent city has built.
Michel (17) und Isy (17) already isolated since Friday. Both can not wait to see their idols on stage. They are desperate to stand in the front row.
The young fans like to sleep. Even at lunch time they lie in their tents and dreams of the four boys from Tokio Hotel.
The parking area for motor homes in the Imperial Garden on Centro in Oberhausen. Wednesday morning. First in line is the 16-year-old Bianca. She has her thick fur jacket with a hood pulled far over her face. “Finally no rain,” she says. Since Friday Bianca already tabernacled with more than 100 other girls from all over Europe, despite the rain and cold near the Arena Oberhausen – and all because of Bill Kaulitz and Co.
Jungendamt controlled
The young people are fans of the teen band Tokio Hotel, which will be on Friday evening at the Arena Oberhausen in the context of their “Humanoid Europe Tour”, their first concert in Germany for some time. The four guys around 20-year-old twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz have been part of successful years on the German music bands.
Meanwhile, they sold out venues all over the world and have millions of fans in North and South America, Asia and throughout Europe. In Oberhausen on Friday Tokio Hotel play for the third time, but never has the hysteria among the fans have been so great as this year, says Thomas Notthoff by the youth of the city of Oberhausen.
Since Friday, with his staff, he keeps a watchful eye on  the area around the arena. Because many of the fans are still minors, and attend school. “We control the cards, if necessary, we then call the parents of the girls,” said the youth workers.
Tight organization in the tent city
The girls, camping on the parking lot and, according to to have all the permission of their parents who are themselves tightly organized. There is a list on which every girl needs to enter.
“Who does not do that, may not be in the front row of the concert,” says the 16-year-old Isy, which leads the list. Tonight, fans can clock from 22 in the lobby of the arena. Then there will be a scramble.
“Without the list, there would be fights among the girls,” said Isy. The concert is sold out with nearly 13,000 tickets sold so well as. Some but there are remaining tickets at the box office. The guys from Tokio Hotel are consciously aware of the great hype. Lead singer Bill Kaulitz is afraid even an attempt on his person. Without bodyguards, he was not going on the road.

a few BOX OFFICE tickets still available


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