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Lil' Tokio, 2004Bravo, 2005Graffti, 2005Bravo, 2005Monkey (Aug, 2005)

The Dome (02-09-2005)Hamburg (18-09-2005)Leipzig, 2005Listopad - Thomas Robsch (05-11-2005)Portraits - Thomas Robsch (05-11-2005)

Airport, 2005Yam! (Mar, 2006)Green, 2006Amsterdam (13-04-2006)Amsterdam - Red (13-04-2006)

Amsterdam - Grey (13-04-2006)Amsterdam - BLK (13-04-2006)Amsterdam - Light (13-04-2006)Earthcom, 2006Paris (June, 2006)

Paris, France (16-06-2006)STARBook #16, 2007Berlin (17-01-2007)Studio (06-03-2007)Zimmer 483 - CD (30-05-2007)

Zimmer (30-05-2007)ÜEDW (30-05-2007)Stockholm (12-06-2007)Londyn, 2007Gold Stars #5, 2007

Gold Star #6, 2007F.L.Lange (30-08-2007)Ritz Carlton Hotel - Berlin, Germany (Nov, 2007)Couch (01-12-2007)Rock One, 2008

Bernard Mouillon, (Jan, 2008)Hollywood, CA (16-02-2008)Blue-Anthony Cutajar - New York (19.02.2008)Eric Weiss, 2008Casino (03-03-2008)

NYC, USA - Eddie Malluk (08-05-2008)Bravo - 'Egg', 2008TRL-Red (04-08-2008)TRL-Blk (05-08-2008)HUMANOID 2009

HUMANOID City, 2009F.L.Lange (20-08-2009)Dream Up! (Sept, 2009)Eämä Lapselle (09-09-2009)Paris (22-09-2009)

Madrid (28-09-2009)Michael Greenberg (19-10-2009)BUZZWorthy (23-10-2009)PLAY - Taiwan (May, 2010)Funswant - Taiwan (03-05-2010)

Best Of (12-10-2010)In Rock Pop (Nov, 2010)


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