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Date of Birth: 9/1/1989

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Birthplace: Leipzig

Place of Residence: Loitsche (near Magdeburg)

Height: 1.83m

Hair: dark blond, in long dreadlocks

Eye Colour: beautiful brown

Siblings: Identical Twin brother, Bill (born 10mins after Tom)

Allergies: Mosquito bites.

Nicknames: “I don’t really have a nickname, but you can also gladly call me Sex God”

Status: Single

1st CD: Aerosmith
1st Koncert: Samy Deluxe

Band/Artists: Samy Deluxe
Actor & Actress: Angelina Jolie
Subject in school: “Art, however I actually hate school by principle”

Hated Subjects“Math, physics… …”

Pets: A black Labrador named ‘Scotty’ that he got from a shelter. A cat named ‘Casimir’ (reportedly murdered by TH haters some yrs ago).

Hobbies: Music, “I’ve never had a different interest”

Dislikes: Untouched Nature (because of the bugs), rats, bigger spiders and snakes.

Hero/Idol: “I never had any idols”

Wishes: “Still a meeting with the Olsen Twins or Angelina Jolie”

Motto/Life Slogan: “I don’t have one anymore because I never obey them”

Piercings: 1, lower lip to the left (rumoured to have top of right ear pierced)