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Come On!
Give TH some of your ATTENTION!
Make some NOISE!
Don’t slack off!

Understand, I have noTHing against JB
But, for MTV to start anoTHer vote,
exactly THe same as THe 1st, wiTHin THe same year,
is just poor game!

back in July, Remember THis HERE

Being fair,
TH’s WIN from THe 1st vote should still stand!


We gonna let THem get away wiTH being sore losers?

Lets pull togeTHer, get THe ice pack ready, grab a drink,

Und Lets Do THis !!!



Keep Voting!!!!


For all THey do for us, we CAN WIN THis for THem!

See the big picture here. If we keep winning silly MTV ‘vs’ votes it sends a message

It gets Tokio Hotel’s name out THere!
It shows how much THey are Loved!
It shows THat THey ARE THe Best THere is!

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TigerBeat magazine posted on THier mag’s site THe snippet of Automatic.
THere are now asking for input on what we THink
UND if we want more TH on THier magazine…
hmmm,…. let me THink….
Well NO DUH we want, nein, NEED MORE TOKIO HOTEL !!! ; )

Now I want to add, when you leave your comments please be calm & respectful.
We want THem to print more TH.
We want to see it, und it ist good promotion for our boys.
So please, dont wage any word wars in THe comments box.
Chances are since comments are being moderated b4 post THat nasty/mean comments
(not THat us sweet THers would but…)
toward oTHers or oTHer bands/artists will not get posted
und will not help Tokio’s case to get more print space.

So, THat bein said…
Lets do some Major TH campaigning & get our boys in more magazines & on THe Front page!
Where THey should be!

Hey readers! Check out this COOL snippet of Tokio Hotel’s NEW single “Automatic”. The single isn’t even coming out until September 18th so you’re getting a first hand look! What do YOU think about Tokio Hotel? Do you LOVE them? Do you want to see more about them on our website and in our mags? Our readers mean the WORLD to us, so let us know!


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It would appear THat THe DOME Voting is closed.  TH in full lead! WOOT!


original article

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THI Humanoid Poll

Tokio Hotel International Humanoid Album Cover Final.
THI team’s top ten choices, selected from all the wonderful entries we have received for the competion.
Now it is over to you, our site community, to decide who is the best.

One vote per person, so make sure you pick your favourite.


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