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(Jan, 2007)

Directed by: Christopher Häring & Daniel Warwick
Berlin, Germany

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I do not support paparazzi
I have little to no respect for THem or THeir chosen profession.
I post THis only to address THe questions of ‘fans’

Don’t buy into THeir sad justifications for photo-stalking celebs.
It is not paparazzi THat makes a Star’s career.
Celebrities should be allowed THe right to choose when THey want to be photographed

Please, don’t encourage THis man to feed off of Tokio Hotel’s fame.
Don’t ask him questions
Don’t request he follow Tom & Bill

Let Tom & Bill enjoy a basic freedom we all take for granted.
For THe 1st time since very young THey’ve been able to go out und do everyday THings.
Don’t take THat away from THem.


Tokio Hotel Questions Answered

I was going to do this on Video but my voice is almost shot so I thought I would do it this way for you all instead………..

1) Do You know exactly where they live?
Yes I do.
2) Will You tell me?
Absolutely Not!
3) I live in Germany so I will never go to their house; Will you tell me now?
Still No!
4) Do you work for Tokio Hotel or anything affiliated with them?
I do not.
5) Have you been on their property before?
No, I have not.
6) Do you see them often?
About once every two weeks or so.
7) What is my favorite song by them?
I do not listen to their music.
8) Do you like them?
I see them as a subject that I photograph but respect.
9) How many currywurst could Bill eat in one setting?
I have no idea!
10) Have you been in close proximity to them?
Yes I have. Nothing magical happened.
11) Does Bill have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
No idea what goes on inside the house in private.
12) Have you seen Bill with a girl?
Just his Mom and Tom’s girl.
13) Have you seen Bill with a Guy?
Yes. Tom, Andreas, and other male friends.
14) Does Bill appear to be gay?
I have no way of making a decision based upon facts.
15) Is Tom with Ria?
He was when I photographed them together.
16) Do you think Tom and Ria were romantic?
Hell yes.
17) Do you photoshop?
Don’t even have it on my computers.
18) Do you pee in the shower?
Random……..but sometimes.
19) Does Tom go out to clubs without Bill?
Not that I have seen.
20) Is Bill depressed?
Im not a psychologist, but he does “appear” to be sad sometimes. (IMO)
21) Who do you like better?
Bill or Tom?
22) Why?
I like his style and I feel he appreciates the celeb life more.
23) Are they nice to you?
I have spoken to them before and they ignored me. I don’t feel they are.
24) Have you seen them with drugs?
Only alcohol if you consider it a drug.
25) Do they travel outside of LA?
I am not sure if they do or not.
26) Does Ria live with them?
No idea.
27) Did you see her driving Tom’s truck?
28) Do you think Ria is pretty?
Hell yes!
29) Do you make a lot of money from their pics?
Not even close.
30) Would you hang out with them if they asked you?
I sure would. Why not?
31) Who is more approachable, Bill or Tom?
Bill is way more friendly….IMO
32) Do you think they could be big in America?
With the right pics and some new current music…..Yes.
33) If they spoke to you and gave you a good shot of them would you then leave them be?
Yes. That’s all I want.
34) Do you secretly hate them?
No. I really wish them the best and hope they learn how to embrace the media for their own good.
35) Are you a secret fan?
No…I seriously don’t even know how to say their last name still.
36) Do you think Bill will marry a fan?
I have no idea….But I am guessing….No.
37) Are you secretly Andreas?
38) Why did you not photograph them inside the bars that one time?
Even celebs deserve a break sometimes from cameras.
39) Do they have new music coming out?
I am not privvy to that info. I hope so for the fans
40) Why do you stalk them?
Taking photos of celebs in public once every month or so is not stalking.
41) Have you ever seen the inside of their home?
Yes. Through a real estate brochure.
42) Do they act nice?
They act alone or stand-offish from what I have seen.
43) Are the twins recognizable there?
No. They walk around freely without attention most of the time.

These are the questions I get asked repeatedly through Twitter and Facebook. I hope these can be used to help others see what I see first-hand. I see things objectively and with positive eyes. I hope you do also and that I have helped you understand more about your favorite German Boys……

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