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Magdeburg, Germany

Bill's Photos

Bill's Photos Bill's Photos Bill's Photos

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Exclusive dress rehearsal from Tokio Hotel
Shortly before the tour start, selected fans could see the new Live Show

On March 12, 2017, the Dream Machine Tour of Tokio Hotel starts. But already on Thursday evening, 9th March, three days before the start of the tour, 80 selected fans were allowed to participate in an exclusive rehearsal at the “Black Box” in Berlin. Including our winners Paula and Juliane. Both agreed before the concert: a better gift could not have existed for them.

The four guys have already shown in the small, intimate setting that everyone can look forward to a great show. For weeks alone, the stage design and lighting technology and also singer Bill Kaulitz offer a lot for the eye: he has put four unusual costumes on the stage yesterday alone.

In addition to songs from the current album “Dream Machine”, there was also a single title in German – their debut single “Durch den Monsun”. Here the fans were of course all textsicher! For Juliane, there was a very special moment: She grabbed the plectrum (guitar pick) of Tom.

Now they are working on the last touches and then go on a big tour. Including an appointment with us in the SAW country: radio SAW presents you the concert on 1 April 2017 in the house Auensee in Leipzig.

Bill's Photos Bill's Photos Bill's Photos


Louder than love” (audio)

It’s the comeback of the year – and now the sensation. They celebrate their live-comeback in their hometown at Radio SAW.

Bill: I think what we’ve learned and what we are trying to manage now – and I don’t know if it will work, let’s see – is to find that balance between our career and making music, and our private life. Because we’ve never had that before, we always worked non-stop and we never had that balance, which we were searching for and now we have that, and we try to keep that balance to also enjoy our career and the success. And so far we’ve had fun doing all our promo dates and everything’s great and we just try to keep it.
Tom: Totally.
Bill: And to have that balance so to say.
Tom: Is it just me or.. I have the feeling I have a totally awesome radio-voice.

You really do have that. You can just come around sometimes if you want!
Tom: As a host, huh?

Will there be a tour coming soon?
Bill: Yes, definitely. Right now we’re planning how we want to do that. I think we’ll be on tour the entire next year and are going to play concerts. We don’t know yet when and how exactly, but we’ll figure that out in the next weeks.

Translation by:Herzblut


The Germans like to keep Sundays chill. Long brunches, a newspaper on the balcony, an extended Spaziergang, not too much excitement – they have mastered this art. I’ve learned to savor these lazy days with the best of them – but then there are those other Sundays, on which you spontaneously jump in a bus with your flatmate, head over to Magdeburg, join a crowd of Tokio Hotel  fans waiting outside a small radio station and hope for magic.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my various adventures with this band, it’s that effort, travel and a degree of uncertainty are often prerequisites to having unique experiences. Given the supply and demand for this tiny acoustic concert in the studios of radio SAW, the odds of a miracle were definitely not in our favor – around 5,000 online applications alone for the 20-some spots in the building. Hanna and I decided to pay a visit to the event anyway, for several reasons – we weren’t doing anything, the bus fare was cheap, we love TH, and what the hell.

It turned out to be an utterly enjoyable trip. We arrived around midday, waited with other ticketless fans, chatted with radio and press workers and watched the chosen few slip through the station doors. As the show was about to begin, we strolled around the side of the building to chill in the shade. At that moment, the soft sounds started coming through an open window right above our heads.

We were joined by most of the fans outside, who did something I’ve rarely experienced at a Tokio Hotel show: kept quiet. After a short bit of “shhhing,” the fans went silent, turned ears upward and held recording devices aloft, swayed to the acoustic adaptations of the new songs, lips moving soundlessly, smiles on their faces. Between songs, the fans inside and outside clapped and cheered, then returned to hushed, rapt attention. At the end of the last song, the listeners briefly joined in, a reflexive choir paying tribute to the new material.

The band played “Girl Got A Gun,” “Louder Than Love,” “Automatic” and “Love Who Loves You Back.” To hear the three new songs from this complex electro-pop-rock album arranged in such a simple acoustic fashion was entrancing. Stirring chord progressions, strong bass lines and Bill’s soft voice – just fantastic. “Automatic” sounded just as it does in the acoustic version recorded by “Rolling Stone” a few years back. It will be fascinating to watch how they arrange their new and old material on the next tour.

After photo ops, signings and a studio interview indoors, the band came to the station windows, absolutely beaming. Bill greeted the fans below and called down, “Wir haben euch gehört!” (We heard you!) All four looked relaxed and happy as they waved enthusiastically, and I think we all felt privileged to be there, hearing this music and showing love – regardless of where we were standing. All in all, a great joint action by the band and radio SAW, and one of the better Sundays I’ve spent recently.

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