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Tokio Hotel, are on the verge of an extended European tour and before the dream wedding of Tom, and Heidi. I’m talking about both with Bill Kaulitz. Among other things, Tom’s Bachelorhood and the most blatant fan actions. And then Bill, may make-up our music editor Felix …

has BILL KAULITZ, ever messed around with a fan!?
The musician has been asked Sissy’s illegals questions!
Whether he has also used his status to avoid anger,
is he an emotional motorist and has ever watched a sex-tape of a celebrity,
he tells here, exclusively at MDR SPUTNIK!

Bill Kaulitz, is a singer of the band Tokio Hotel, which became known in 2005 with the song “Through the Monsoon”. With his identical twin brother Tom, Bill, grew up near Magdeburg. For several years now both are living in L.A.