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DSDS-jury member Mateo seems not to cope
with the victory of Beatrice Egli

“The Tokio Hotel twins came to me in the dressing room after the victory ceremony and congratulated me personally. But I have heard nothing of Mateo” ~ Beatrice Egli

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It’s been decided at 11.05pm last night: the winner of DSDS‘ anniversary season is Beatrice Egli. She also softened the Tokio Hotel brothers Bill and Tom with Bohlen’s song “Mein Herz”. What advise do the twins give the budding “Schlager“ queen and where are things going for Tokio Hotel from here on now? Comeback or rather more private life in Los Angeles? David M. and Pamela Sch. met the twins for the big DSDS final interview.

There really was a very thin line between joy and sorrow yesterday evening. On one hand there was the winner Beatrice Egli and on the other, there was the loser Lisa Wohlgemuth. She, who had some kind of a premonition all evening.
Lisa: Beatrice will surely make it.

She was right after all. Beatrice: Super star from now on. Her first single “Mein Herz“ is already number 1 in the iTunes charts and the hype is massive. That’s something they’re familiar with: Bill and Tom. The trip to the judges‘ desk has come to an end for the Tokio Hotel twins. Alongside Dieter Bohlen who’s nothing but full of praise for them.
Dieter: We did sit next to each other all the time. That was perfect. On the beach we’ve had every… every once in a while we’ve had little discussions about candidates, the ones I’ve had with Bill. That was always totally friendly, and kind… I very much enjoyed working together with them. They really are two totally likable, endearing guys.

What’s up next for the Tokio Hotel brothers now? Private life or are they ready to jump back into the show business after a more than two years long hiatus in Los Angeles?
Bill: One can…
Tom: Well, now that I’m meeting you here, I’m thinking “Nah, I could do with more of a break…“
Bill: No, joking aside, it’s like that. One can’t…. One can’t live with it and one can’t live without it. That’s just what it’s like a little.

It’s 11.10pm. The winner has been known for five minutes. And we’re meeting Bill and Tom on the stage. Actually both of them are not the biggest fans of “Schlager“ music. However, somehow the overall “Beatrice“ package did manage to convince them in the end.
Bill: A little while ago I’ve also seen that I said “No“ in the casting because I was really convinced… I thought like ‘Ok, that might somehow be enough… for a funny party somewhere in a village, like in a beer tent.’ Because I was…
Tom: For me it wasn’t so much about warming to Schlager at all but rather about her having already found her genre and somehow she just was already the kind of artist who stood for something.

In these minutes Beatrice Egli still can’t believe her luck.

Can you already believe it somehow? You actually made it.
Beatrice: Erm… Nah, I can’t believe it. I’m singing Schlager because I’m purely passionate about it and people let themselves get bitten by the bug.

What will be coming up next now? Can a career be planned? What things need to be considered? That’s what we want to talk about with Bill and Tom. Their career is unparalleled. They became mega stars ar age 14, received international awards, have got screaming fans. They know all of this. However, first of all there’s one thing we need to settle: Tom Kaulitz’ extremely buff upper body.

What happened there? How often are you at the gym?
Tom: I’m not often at all at the gym. That’s all…
Oh, come on!
Tom: …. all natural.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Tom: I’m lucky.

By all means, a second career as an underwear model is not out of the question. However, it’s currently not up for debate. Bill and Tom are working on the new album. Their hiatus in Los Angeles has already been going on for more than two years. Now there’s this massive hype again with them being members of the judging panel on DSDS.

They’re still screaming hysterically, there are barriers. Is that something now, erm, that you… where you say to yourselves ‘We’re ready for this again.’ or are you saying “Nah, it’s quite good that we’re rather backing away from it a little right now.”
Bill: Well, it was definitely good. Well, the way I feel is that when, erm… I then… Well, I’m a total workaholic. I can’t sit still at all and can’t be not working. Meaning, that even when we’re withdrawing ourselves, we certainly still keep on working in the background. One also has to say this of course. Well, of course we’re still always in the studio then and keep on doing everything in the background then. That’s what we’ve also been doing all those previous years. Erm, therefore, I can’t just only hang around. Erm, however, it did feel extremely good to back away from the public and to deliberately have a break.

The new album is supposed to be released this very year and that also means there’s bound to be lots of publicity again. Stressful promotion, tours. All those things the twins desperately needed to distance themselves from in September 2010.

Bill: Well, one has got to say that we… deliberately make and deliberately try to withdraw ourselves. Meaning, all photos and all the things that came up really happened unintentionally. So, we would never call someone or knowingly go someplace where something like this happens but rather we’ve really tried… and keeping our private life undisclosed is something we plan with utmost care. Erm, to not disclose where we live, what we do, erm… to just draw a line, you know? That’s because we were very young when we were in the public eye and of course we’ve then somehow tried to create a private life for ourselves.

That’s not so easy with half of the republic watching how Bill and Tom were growing up. Whereas Tom has always been happy-go-lucky with regards to his affairs, Bill recently declared in an interview to never really have been in love. Quote: “To this day I haven’t found somebody to whom I could say ‘Yes, I love you. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

Tom: It has always been tough for Bill though. I mean, he got to know many people who only ever wanted to get to me through him and that just changed his standard and of course that’s disappointing.
Bill: Yes, it’s still like this.
However, you do believe in love?
Bill: I believe in love. Certainly! Well, of course. Well, I’ve always been saying this, back when I was 14, 15 and I’m still saying it these days that to me love is just the most important thing for everybody. I mean, that’s what it’s all about in life.

What advice can the old showbiz hands Bill and Tom give or want to give this year’s winner and newcomer Beatrice Egli?
Tom: Advice, yeah, that’s something we actually don’t like to give, like. Well, I do think that they somehow have to figure it out by themselves and, and have to fall flat on their faces and so on but, erm… we… Of course I’m able to relate to it. And especially right now when I’m seeing Lisa like that. Somehow that does make one feel bad, even though we’re saying, like, ‘Yes, we’re supporting Beatrice.’ Which we were!

The upcoming weeks will be exciting for Beatrice Egli: video shoot, album production, TV appearances. Tokio Hotel intend to release their new album at the end of the year and when we ask them what their biggest dream would be they surprise us with the following statement at the end of the interview.
Bill: Well, Tom and I absolutely want to go to India.
Tom: Yes.
Bill: We want… We’re always toying with the idea of completely parting with all the things, we’ve got, cars, house, pool, whatever else there is of all the luxury articles one has got and that one does not carry around in their backpack and erm… to just take off, not telling anyone, and to completely go into hiding.

That’s definitely very new to our ears. However, the spiritual quest for meaning in India is hopefully pie in the sky because before it’s time to retreat once more the musical comeback is on the agenda first for now.

translation by: THUKST & FC


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