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(YT removed her audio, but THe Georg pics are still Smexilisious!) 😛

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(September 8, 2010)

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 in Tokio Hotel’s house

The band Tokio Hotel has become a victim of burglars. As the police stated, in the night to Thursday unknown people had broken into a house of members of the band Tokio Hotel. “The band was not in the house at the time of the crime”, said Tokio Hotel-producer and -manager David Jost. When the police arrived, the burglars were already gone. Whether something has been stolen is still unknown.

The offenders broke up a terrace door and searched through several rooms at around 11.30 PM. As Jost stated, the police arrived shortly after the alarm through the alarm-system. But there was no trace of the burglars!

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(September 1st, 2010)


Everyone’s favorite twins, Bill and Tom Kaulitz are 21 today, guys! And we threw Tokio Hotel a big, huge birthday party last night. With Muppets! Seriously*! Check it out. Things got a little rowdy when that little girl almost knocked over the three-tiered cake, but Tokio Hotel fans are exuberant, aren’t they? Bill refused to wear his party hat, but with hair that perfect, you can’t blame him.

If you’re still shopping for the Kaulitz twins’ birthday present, we have a few gift ideas below. Vote and tell us what you think would make the idea birthday present for Bill and Tom. And wish the twins a happy 21st birthday in the comments!

What would you get Bill and Tom Kaulitz for their birthday?

– Leather angel wings.
– A leather-studded guitar.
– A hydroplane.
– Their own hotel.
– A guest blogging stint on Kanye West’s blog.
– Sofía Vergara.


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