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Bill's Photos

Even with questions about possible offspring in the Tokio house
Bill, remains quite cool.

After more than a decade in the international music business,
the most successful German electro-pop quartet knows how to re-invent itself time and time again.
Gives reason to chat about them again and again. And Daniel Fischer gladly took over for us!

Is junior staff entering the Hotel?

Is Bill, really planning a bachelor party for his brother Tom?
What is the relationship with sister-in-law Heidi Klum?
And can the singer imagine being uncle?

“Answers” – can be heard here

We could not resist:
Our Daniel Fischer had to ask Bill, everything about Brother Tom,
wedding with Heidi Klum and a bachelor party …
And of course, if Bill, will soon become uncle !?

Hey, Bill from Tokio Hotel … “Show me!”

“Hello Bill, ready for an interview without being allowed to speak?
Just “question and answer” everyone can. That’s why it’s too boring!
At “show me”, we want answers, just without words.
Let’s see if Bill, of Tokio Hotel, has more than a facial expression
… Ready?

Bill's Photos Bill's Photos Bill's Photos

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How would you react when suddenly your absolute favorite star calls?
We tested it together with BillTokio Hotel, fan Aylin





Bill Kaulitz explains

The rumors persist that Heidi Klum (45) expects a child from her soon-to-be husband Tom Kaulitz, (29). Reason enough to ask Tom‘s twin brother Bill, what’s up to the speculation. His sympathetic reaction can be seen in the video.

Heidi and Tom say nothing

For weeks it is speculated whether Heidi Klum is pregnant. The top model does not (of course) comment on the rumors and seems to rather enjoy the game with the media. Again and again she posted pictures from her vacation with Tom, sometimes with and sometimes without a hidden stomach. The comment columns of her Instagram account overflowed with conspiracy theories. So if Heidi and Tom, do not comment, who to ask? Exactly! Bill, the twin brother of Tom. After all, he has to know if he will soon become an uncle.



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Tokio Hotel, is on tour again, frontman Bill Kaulitz, was a guest on Friday at WDR 2 Studio. With host Thorsten Schorn he spoke about the new sound, fashion, about the wedding of his brother Tom, and fans of then and now: “Many come to the shows to remember together.”

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Exclusive video shoot for the new Tokio Hotel single

To kick off their single “When it Rains It Pours”, we meet Tokio Hotel, exclusively on set for the new video. Tom Kaulitz, tells us how he masters his fiancée Heidi Klum’s balancing act between love and profession despite his busy schedule.