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In Magdeburg, the twins Bill, and Tom Kaulitz, grew up. With their band Tokio Hotel, they are known to have become world stars

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They are the most famous twins of Saxony-Anhalt: Bill, and Tom, from the band Tokio Hotel. For almost ten years, the two live in the US. On Monday Bill, was a guest at Saxony-Anhalt..

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Tokio Hotel, are on the verge of an extended European tour and before the dream wedding of Tom, and Heidi. I’m talking about both with Bill Kaulitz. Among other things, Tom’s Bachelorhood and the most blatant fan actions. And then Bill, may make-up our music editor Felix …

has BILL KAULITZ, ever messed around with a fan!?
The musician has been asked Sissy’s illegals questions!
Whether he has also used his status to avoid anger,
is he an emotional motorist and has ever watched a sex-tape of a celebrity,
he tells here, exclusively at MDR SPUTNIK!

Bill Kaulitz, is a singer of the band Tokio Hotel, which became known in 2005 with the song “Through the Monsoon”. With his identical twin brother Tom, Bill, grew up near Magdeburg. For several years now both are living in L.A.


Magdeburg, Germany

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Halloween make-up, girl sandals and hangover look:
Bill Kaulitz,
on the development of his style

If someone in Germany stands for distinctive looks, then probably Bill Kaulitz. But which stories are behind the rebellious style of the Tokio Hotel, singer? As part of Zalando’s # StandByYourStyle panel talk, we talked with Bill, about why breeches were the start of his self-confidence and the jogging pants are never part of the stage show.

Bill Kaulitz, already had many faces in public – or rather styles. Anyone who remembers the video for “Through the Monsoon” knows: It all began with a black net shirt. Then came wild XXL hairstyles, platform boots, crass-dramatic eye make-up. In the field of German fashion men, the bill makes for many a kind of figurehead – because despite constantly changing looks, the singer has consistently shown fashionable self-confidence. That’s why Zalando has invited him to panel talk with various influencers as part of their new campaign #StandByYourStyle to discuss consistent style without compromise. The message of the campaign motto also applies to Bill: Too colorful, too shrill, too loud, too much of everything? Do not exist. Why did the purchase of orange plateau sandals as a child still make him sweat, Bill, tells us in an interview.

Why is it important to stand by your own style?

For me, my style has always been an important part of my personality. It underlines what I say and live. It was important for me to be individual. I was an incredibly rebellious teenager: Anything that was against the norm or form, I wanted to enforce necessarily. Fashion has given me self-confidence. Even today, I love to slip on the stage in roles and wear costumes. There are also artists who prefer to wear T-shirts, sweatpants and guitars. If I was put up there in such an outfit, I would probably have to duck away.

Was there ever an outfit that was a risk for you?

There are two moments in my childhood that I can remember well: in the second grade, a friend had orange sandals with a small plateau. They were girls’ sandals – and I thought they were so beautiful! So I asked my mother if I could not have such shoes. She said to me, “I’ll buy them, but tell you that people will say something. You can wear them anyway.” I did that and was pretty excited. And of course, there were actually many kids who laughed. But I was more important to really wear the sandals. The same situation happened with a flare. I was incredibly thin and only a few pants fit, so I bought some from the girls section. They just sat better. There was a particular flared pant with stripes that I found beautiful. But here, too, I knew that people would appeal to me. It was always like that, but I did not care about it at some point.

What’s the best thing about not falling into the norm and not looking like anyone else?

For me, fashion is fun too. One should not let it stress. In addition to music, fashion is a passion for me – and that’s why I used to sew or draw clothes myself. At some point, I wanted to be a designer and have my own fashion collection. Fashion supports the music in my songs and videos, I always have a visual thought to everything musical. When I write a song, I already know what I look like in the video and what I want to do with the performance. Also at Tokio Hotel there was always a visual concept.

What do you think about people who do not like to provoke fashion?

That’s okay, not every concept fits all people. You can inspire each other. Tom and I, for example, have a mutual best friend, we were, so to speak, the three “freaks” of the school. When this friend met us, he was quite inconspicuous, but then started to bleach his hair, to paint himself, to wear leather jackets. Today he says: “I would never have dared to do that if you had not given me self-confidence.” Assistance in the group helps. I do not know if I would have dared to do it all alone, but I just had the support and back-up I needed.

You’ve already talked about admiring David Bowie, Freddie Mercury or Prince for their style. Who else impresses you?

Elton John with his platform shoes. Glam-rock bands like KISS with their make-up and hairstyles. Funnily, the openness to such looks has since regressed. When I styled myself, it was a big shocker, I got a lot on the bag – but so many people had previously paved the way. The thing with my make-up started at a Halloween party: I made myself a vampire. After the party I found the look so great that I wanted to make-up every day, so I came to school from now on.

You have been to the past Oscars yourself when Billy Porter made his grand entrance in the dress on the red carpet. If you could stage such an appearance yourself, how would you design it?

I also do not like adapting to the red carpet. Nevertheless, I like to dress smartly. I learned early on that it’s more about how to style a particular piece. There are often jackets that are actually pretty ugly blended – but then you narrow them down, pull them up or put them in the pants. For example, at the last Oscars, I put the jacket in my pants and put my suspenders over the suit instead of underneath. I also like chic styles by Karl Lagerfeld or wide Marlene pants. I would also like a cape.

How do you see your style in the future?

Just yesterday I met with our costume designer to go over the looks for the next tour. I love changing the style and could never decide only on leather jacket and sneaker. Most of the time, I prefer the opposite to my emotional state. For example, when I have a hangover, I wear a lot of white to wake me up and cheer me up. I still remain undecided: I could never pack my suitcase for outfits. I prefer to open my closet and take my favorite pieces with me. And then it depends on how I feel on each day.