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bye 2018! what a crazy year you were ✨

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TOKIO HOTEL’s IG ‘Best 9 of 2018’

Tokio Hotel


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Get your Digital Version
of Tokio Hotel’s

ONLY $14.99

German & English

be sure to Buy ‘Best Of….’ IN STORES!

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Get the full Tokio Hotel experience and download the guys brand new “Best of” album on iTunes today. It features 16 of the band’s greatest hits – either in English or German – plus the two unreleased songs “Hurricanes and Suns (2009)” and “Mädchen aus dem All (2003)”. The limited deluxe “Best of” album edition will hit store shelves across the country on January 18, 2011 and right now it is available for pre-order over at It inlcudes Tokio Hotel’s greatest hits in English and German (CD 1 + CD2) as well as 18 stunning music videos, plus 6 video “Making of” clips.

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Cherrytree Records is proud to announce that on December 14th, both English and German versions of the new Tokio Hotel album release, Tokio Hotel – Best of, will be available digitally in the USA.

Each version will contain 2 previously unreleased songs – the first song the band ever recorded professionally in a recording studio in 2003 (which has never been on any of their previous releases): “Mädchen aus dem All” (“Girl From Outer Space”) and “Hurricanes And Suns” recorded in 2009.

On January 18th the limited deluxe edition CD/DVD will be released and include the following:

CD 1: English album

1. Darkside Of The Sun
2. Monsoon
3. Hurricanes And Suns (New Track – 2009)
4. Ready, Set, Go!
5. World Behind My Wall
6. Scream
7. Automatic
8. Phantomrider
9. Break Away
10. Final Day
11. Forever Now
12. By Your Side
13. Rescue Me
14. 1000 Oceans
15. Noise
16. Don’t Jump
17. Humanoid
18. Bonustrack: Mädchen aus dem All (2003)

CD 2: German album

1. Durch Den Monsun
2. Der Letzte Tag
3. Mädchen aus dem All (2003)
4. Übers Ende Der Welt
5. Schrei
6. An Deiner Seite (Ich Bin Da)
7. Spring Nicht
8. Automatisch
9. Lass Uns Laufen
10. Geisterfahrer
11. Ich Brech Aus
12. Für Immer Jetzt
13. Rette Mich
14. 1000 Meere
15. Komm
16. Sonnensystem
17. Humanoid
18. Bonustrack: Hurricans And Suns (Neuer Titel – 2009)


1. Durch den Monsun
2. Monsoon
3. Schrei
4. Scream
5. Rette Mich
6. Der letzte Tag
7. Wir schließen uns ein
8. Übers Ende der Welt
9. Ready, Set, Go
10. Spring nicht
11. Don’t jump
12. An deiner Seite
13. By your side
14. Automatisch
15. Automatic
16. Lass und laufen
17. World behind my Wall
18. Darkside of the sun

Making of
1. Making of “Monsoon”
2. Making of “Schrei”
3. Making of “Übers Ende der Welt”
4. Making of “Spring nicht”
5. Making of “Automatic”
6. Making of “World behind my wall”

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