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Tokyo, Japan

People and ideas that inspire us – Tokio Hotel

Sometimes mysterious, sometimes rocking to the sound of their own music.
Do you know these 4 young people? Their name is Tokio Hotel,
the most remarkable band from Germany; a new shining star in music.

Bill: This is our 2nd time in Tokyo. It’s still our dream city, even to this day. We also love the nuance of ‘Tokio’.
Bill: This is our first greatest hits album, but it was also for the Japanese fans who experienced the earthquake.
Japanese fans have really been there for us from the very beginning; that’s why this album is special to us.

Bill is indeed the ‘face’ of  Tokio Hotel. Tom and Georg sometimes butt in to speak, but Gustav remained silent the whole time.
And they love cars. Bill and Tom test-drove Audi A1’s debut.
This video can be seen on Tokio Hotel TV.

Tom: I think I love cars the most. I got my license and car first. I just love fast cars; that’s why I love Audi!
Bill: The Audi A1’s small but fast! Tom:I ride the R8. It’s super fast.
Bill: In Germany, we have the Autobahn. Tom’s a speed-aholic! (laughs)

Speaking of. Audi is loved by men who represent their era. …. And now, Tokio Hotel’s boys are rave reviewing it.
Tokio Hotel performed an acoustic live performance on June 24th in Tokyo. The crowd went WILD.

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MTV Taiwan

Video re-cap of Tokio Hotel’s Appearance at Audi’s ‘Next Premium Night’
Tokyo, Japan (24-6-2011)

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Tokio Hotel Takes Over Tokyo’s Audi Forum!

In the Land of the Rising Sun for the MTV Video Music Aid Japan event, Tokio Hotel treated fans to a pre-show performance at the Audi Forum in Tokyo, Japan on Friday (June 24).

With Bill Kaulitz, Georg Listing, Tom Kaulitz and Gustav Schafer joined together, the popular quartet partook in an interview session while also offering up acoustic renditions of the songs “Automatic” and “Phantomrider”.

Meanwhile, Tokio Hotel is all set to perform two songs at Saturday’s MTV Video Music Aid Japan to raise funds in response to the March 11 earthquake and tsunami leveling the country.

Hosted by Japanese pop sensation AKB48, the MTVMAJs will also see performances by Lady Gaga, Tokio Hotel, Namie Amuro, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, Exile, Kana Nishino, One Night Only and Monkey Majik while confirmed presenters include AI, AK-69, Thelma Aoyama, Beni, MiChi, Naoto Inti Raymi, Anna Tsuchiya, w-inds, Verbal and Marie, Shion, Sun Wei and Kozue from “Shibuhara Girls”, MTV’s new Japanese reality drama.

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