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Interview with Kiera Smith, model and actress,
who worked with Tokio Hotel in the Love Who Loves You Back video.

Hello Kiera! where are you from?
Kiera: I grew up in Alaska, but have lived all around the world at times. Miami, New York, Milan-Italy, Paris, London, and now I am based in Los Angeles

How old are you?
Kiera: Getting close to 30 ahhhh haha

Tokio Hotel have won a thousand fans around the world, so how was working with them?
Kiera: They were totally awesome – Super fun, and extremely nice. I had a great experience with them! I can see why they have so many fans!!!

Interview with Shannon Williams,
who also worked with Tokio Hotel in the Love Who Loves You Back video.

so, how was the backstage?
Shannon: Backstage was fun, I am not going to lie, it was pretty steamy. Watching them film some scenes, while everyone was making out non stop…they did a great job casting- everyone on the job was fun and nice

do you know their songs?
Shannon: I know there songs now, from their last album!

do you had the chance to hear Kings of suburbia? what do you think of this album?

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Exclusive: Tokio Hotel Plays 2 Songs at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate on New Year’s Eve

Fresh off the release of their fifth full-length Kings of Suburbia, German band Tokio Hotel performed two songs from the album in front of a massive crowd at Berlin’s famous Brandenburg Gate on New Year’s Eve. Today Billboard is exclusively premiering footage from the show, which includes the band playing their latest single, “Love Who Loves You Back,” and their first live performance of “Feel It All.”

The twin brothers in Tokio HotelBill and Tom Kaulitz — moved from Germany to Los Angeles before making Kings of Suburbia. Bill calls this period “the first real life we’ve ever had. We had come out of school at 15, started the band, and from that moment on, there was no private life, only Tokio Hotel.” In L.A., the German superstars were relatively unknown. Tom says, “We wanted to do regular stuff, things we couldn’t do before. I was riding my bike, bought groceries, and went to the DMV. It was great.”

The band wasn’t necessarily looking to play a show in Berlin on New Year’s Eve. “Usually we reserve that night to party,” Bill jokes, “But it was hard to say no when you get to perform in front of more than half a million people!

We had a blast,” he continues. “All of our friends and family were there. We got super drunk after the performance and went out all night. We left the last club at 6:30 in the morning. It was definitely a night to remember!

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