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Tokio Hotel Fans Interview the Kaulitz Twins
on Dreams, School, Fame and ‘Scream’

Buzznet member – Ohiougirl2018 asked Tokio Hotel fans all over Buzznet to submit their need-to-know questions for Tokio Hotel. This is no average TH fan interview, so give it up for all the unique questions asked and submitted and of course Ohiougirl2018 for making this interview happen.

Buzznet: During the song ‘Scream’ on the album – Bill you hold out the last note of the song for a very long time, however you don’t do that live. Is there any reason for this? Maybe pertaining to your recent surgery?
Bill Kaulitz (laughing): No, don’t worry. Everything went great after my surgery and my voice is totally o.k.. The live version of ‘Scream’ is just different then the album version.

Xblanksface: A priest, a rabbi, and a monkey walk into a bar…who survives the ensuing knife fight?
Tom Kaulitz: We don’t know – you tell us!

Blue52: Bill you’re known for having a great presence on stage. What advice do you have for your musician fans who want to communicate with an audience better?
Bill Kaulitz: That’s a hard one. I’m just myself when I walk on stage. I’m always so excited when I go out on stage. I can’t wait to see the audience. It’s like a blind date every time. So I try to really see and meet everyone. I don’t want to miss out anyone and try to enjoy every second.

Linahotel: This is for the twins: Do you boys think the same thing often? When one of you gets hurt does the other one feels the pain? Cause I have a twin sister and that happens all the time.
Bill Kaulitz (laughing): We know what you mean. We always know what the other one is thinking and feeling.
Tom Kaulitz: Yeah, cause we can feel it as well.
Bill Kaulitz: Sometimes we even dream the same dream in the same night.

Blackkat: What would you like your fans to know about you that he never got the chance to say?
Tom Kaulitz (laughing): All we say is: silent waters are deep – very deep… 😉

Starbreeze: If you could hang out with any famous person, dead or alive, who would it be?
Tom Kaulitz: Jessica Alba or Angelina Jolie … Or both … 😉

Jtmbrendon: Which song makes you cry?
Bill Kaulitz: For me it’s not a specific song, it’s more about the mood I am in. And then it can be everything – the music or a line or just the whole song.

Xxnialovesthxx: What is one thing that you dislike about yourself, physically or personality wise?
Tom Kaulitz (smiling): I am actually pretty happy with myself …
Bill Kaulitz: I’m not very patient, that could be something I would like to change.

Skwdrw103182: Have you ever thought that you found someone in a crowd at a show that you wanted to get to know, but lost her in the crowd after the concert?
Tom Kaulitz (smiling): I always say: Never say never …
Bill Kaulitz: Yeah, but so far it hasn’t happen to me. But who knows.

Cashicute12: Are you thinking of having a family and raise kids one day?
Bill Kaulitz: Tom is gonna be the first of us who will settle down, get married and having at least four kids …
Tom Kaulitz
: Right …
Bill Kaulitz
: But honestly, we are still so young and all that counts at the moment is Tokio Hotel and our music. But unlike Tom I really do believe in true love. I think that there’s the right person for everyone – somewhere. Some of us are lucky and find that person, and some don’t.

Farfora: What was the worst punishment you ever received at school? Did you get in trouble a lot?
Bill Kaulitz: Tom and I hated school. It was really the worst time of our live …
Tom Kaulitz: Definitley. And the worst punishment was when the Bill and me got separated at school cause the teacher couldn’t handle the two of us.

Dpl33: If they made a movie about Tokio Hotel, who would you want to play you in the movie?
Bill Kaulitz (laughing): I think it would be absolutely awesome if we could play us!

Ohiougirl2018: With all of your recent success it would be easy to loose touch with your old friends. Are you still friends with the same people you were friends with before you were famous? Do they still treat you the same?
Bill Kaulitz: Our friends and families are very important to us and all of us spent time with them whenever we are home.

Tom Kaulitz: Yeah, we are all still friends with our old friends, I mean our close friends. Of course we lost touch to a couple of people, but not our closest and oldest friends.

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