Doing some renovations wiTHin my Site. If you find someTHing not working, or missing, or jus', not right, feel free to ask me about it

Sorry <=(

As of THe 13TH of May I have been having technical difficulties wiTH my site.  I made some posts the night b4.  All was fine.  THe next morning when I came in, THe left side panel (wiTH THe chat, Flag counter und Maps) was not showing. 

THis left panel shows on all oTHer pages wiTHin my site, but not on THe Home page.  Some viewers say THat THey see it but can’t use it.  Some don’t see it on THe front page at all, but on THe oTHer pages as I do.

I do not know why THis has happened, und I can not find a way to fix it as of yet.  I am trying to THough.  Please bare wiTH me while I try to repair THe issue.

I will continue to make postings.  If you wish to comment on a post please feel free to do so.  Clicking on THe title of a post will take you to it’s page.  THere is a comment box below.

THank you for your patients und understanding. <=)

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THere is a photo of Tom circulating various sites.  As I announced awhile back, I won’t be posting any ‘stalkeresque’ images.  As it is unclear as to wheTHer Tom was/is ok wiTH THe taking of THis photo, I will not be posting it.  FYI: Tom ist cute as always und you can see THe earring he’s been sporting as of late. ; )
As for new info on the stalker case, THere really is no ‘new’ info.  THe stalker Freaks are making thier rounds, making their plee for pitty.  Piling THe excuses as high as scheisse can be piled.  Back paddling und feeble attempts to ‘mask’ their seriously twisted behavior is typical of cowards.
Most reports on THe matter seem to be of THe impression THat Perrine und her band of roving idiots are in fact THe stalkers THat they are said to be.  Their actions speaking volumes. Their stories inconsistent.  All amounting to little more THen trifling nonsense.
Last word from TH’s ppl is just THat, THe last word.
TH have filed charges against the stalkers immediately the next day and will file additional charges, as well as request a restraining order. This way those stalkers won’t be allowed to get anywhere close to the band’s family members anymore.
So, all THe trash talk THat THose Stalker Freaks spew holds no truTH.  When we hear again from TH or THeir people on THis matter lets just hope THat it is to announce justice for THe boys und an end to complications wiTH or caused by THose ill mannered females.
Just trust in THis
Tom: Because of this, the fans do not have any worries. We can not have blame for our fans. We would never place them in the same box as the stalkers. We know that our fans would not do something like that. On the contrary, I thank you for support. We are so grateful.
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  Ja, you heard me.  I’m a Twit. LOL

Here is my Twitter:

For THose who inquiered.  I’ll Tweet messages, und about postings.  Any changes involving THe site, as well as random ramblings.

Just a little FYI ; )

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