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Walking down memory lane with ‘World Behind My Wall’

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Kings Of Suburbia

Kings Of Suburbia (Deluxe Version) CD+DVD

Kings Of Suburbia (Limited Super Deluxe) CD+DVD, Box-Set

Deluxe Version (CD+DVD)

THE NEW ALBUM “KINGS OF SUBURBIA” Germany 10/03 International 10/06

“Kings Of Suburbia is a feeling that means everything and nothing at the same time.” Bill Kaulitz The Soundtrack for the moment when you are at the top of your own universe, no matter how small or huge it may be. With their debut album in 2005, Tokio Hotel rose to become the most successful German rock band of the last 20 years. Seven million copies of their releases have been sold worldwide, and with around 160 Gold and 63 Platinum awards in 68 countries and well over 100 national and international awards, Tokio Hotel is an international phenomenon. Never before had a German band won an American MTV Video Music Award – Tokio Hotel won as “Best New Artist”, as well as the Japanese MTV Music Award for “Best Rock Video”, four Latin Music Awards and five European Music Awards. A career utterly without parallel. Bill and Tom Kaulitz (25) moved to California overnight at the absolute height their fame. Submerged in the anonymity of Los Angeles, their experiences there lent them new creativity and inspiration which they used to write and produce their fourth international studio album “Kings of Suburbia”. With a total of eleven tracks (or fifteen on the deluxe version) “Kings Of Suburbia” demonstrates how the past flows into the present, making room for new influences and ideas, pointing the way noisily to the future. An uncompromising, single-handed musical process, characterized from the song writing right down to the production by the close collaboration between twins Bill and Tom.

“Kings Of Suburbia” will be released on Oct. 3 (Germany) / Oct. 6 (International) and is available for pre-order now

Tracklist: 1.  Feel It All 2.  Stormy Weather 3.  Run, Run, Run 4.  Love Who Loves You Back 5.  Covered in Gold 6.  Girl Got a Gun 7.  Kings of Suburbia 8.  We Found Us 9.  Invaded 10. Never Let You Down 11. Louder Than Love Deluxe Versions: 12. Masquerade 13. Dancing in the Dark 14. The Heart Get No Sleep 15. Great Day 16. The Intimate Interview ‘Time That We Have the Talk’ – video

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Tokio Hotel unveil their new album “Kings Of Suburbia”

Bill Kaulitz himself explains the title of the new album: “Kings of suburbia is the feeling that everything means and at the same time nothing at all.” It is a sort of Soundtrack for the moment when you are at the top of your own universe, no matter how small or huge it may be.

In 2005, Tokio Hotel provided her successful debut

With their Debut album “Scream” Tokio Hotel in 2005 the most successful German rock band of the last 20 years. Their releases sold more than seven million copies, with about 160 gold and 63 Platinum Awards in 68 countries and over 100 national and international awards, Tokio Hotel are an international phenomenon. Never before, a German band won the American MTV Video Music Awards. Tokio Hotel won as “Best New Artist”, as the Japanese MTV Music Award for “best rock video” and five European music awards.

California became the valuable retreat

The extent of their success was almost tangible. And so it was that the twins moved Bill and Tom Kaulitz at the zenith of her career overnight to California. They fled from the ever-growing crowds and came to rest in the anonymity of Los Angeles. A step that should pay off. You could work on new ideas and inspirations and formed a new Studio album from reclaimed his creativity.

So, the new Tokio Hotel album “Kings Of Suburbia”


Eleven new sound huge tracks await us

“Kings Of Suburbia” is now fourth international Studio album by Tokio Hotel. It shows how flows past in the present, space for new impressions and ideas, and finally everything into the future suggests. Eleven huge sound tracks ahead, which impressively illustrate the musical process and the development of the band. Lots of internal energy, sincere song writing and the close cooperation between the twins Bill and Tom make this album to an another milestone in her career.

“Kings Of Suburbia” will be released on October 3, 2014

On 3 October 2014 , “Kings Of Suburbia” sees the light of day in this country From September 5, it is already available on Amazon and iTunes. We must be curious and look forward to the fresh musical wind, the US Tokio Hotel soon deliver.

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Happy birthday Bill and Tom ! And here they are, talking about the new album on

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