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Which Tokio Hotel Dude Is Getting Married
— Plus 6 More Things We Learned In This Exclusive Interview

Tokio Hotel‘s fans, the Aliens, are likely still on a high from the band’s first album in five years, Kings of Suburbia, which dropped last month. Well, dudes, prepare to get even more amped: MTV News had a chance to chat with the guys and they gave us some pretty exciting facts about their record, their upcoming tour and which one of them will soon be tying the knot…

Check out seven things we learned from our conversation with Tokio Hotel below:

1. Their New Sound Just Happened

It happened naturally for us — a lot of stuff happens in five years. Music changes. We just wrote songs… and it kind of turned out that it got more and more electronic. Of course, the last record we put out in 2009, Humanoid — we only started to go down this road a little bit, with more synthesizers, and I think we just took it further. We took it from there. We never sat down and made this decision, ‘OK, now we want to do a more electronic album — it’s more like it just happened to us in the production.’” – Tom Kaulitz

2. When It Comes To Their 2015 Tour, Get Ready…

You can expect a lot. We have so many great ideas. We don’t even know how to put all those ideas into one single show. We are going for some rehearsals in the beginning of next year. We will be putting this electronic album into an electronic rock show.” – Georg Listing

3. A Certain Pooch Will Make An Appearance (But Not On Stage)

We all have dogs, but I think Pumba will be on tour with us.” – Georg

4. They’re Really Down With Their Fans

After taking such a long break we were under the radar for a couple of years and didn’t do much. The people are so supportive. People are going crazy about the record. It’s just amazing. It’s the best we could have imagined.” – Bill Kaulitz

5. Their Top Acts Of The Year Are…

Bill: The Arctic Monkeys and Kiesza
Tom: Chet Faker
Georg: Foo Fighters

6. They Will Sing In German On Their Next Tour

That’s an interesting question because we haven’t thought about it yet. I feel like we should. But I have to know all the German lyrics and the English lyrics and now that we have so many songs you kind of get confused. It happened to me on the last tour. It was such a mess. We had the German setlist and the English setlist and I had to switch from night to night and I slowly forgot lyrics.” – Bill

7. Someone Is Getting Married…

Congrats to Gustav Schäfer (pictured far left)! The guys plan to play Ariana Grande or David Hasselhoff jams at the wedding (that could have been a joke).

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