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Tom: On top of that I saw a picture of them. And there was that singer. The singer…
Bill: The singer is a complete no-go.
Tom: SO gay!
Bill: Like a girl!
Tom: I mean he had strands in his face with his last hair style. And make up and everything.
Bill: And then his palm tree hair!
Tom: He already looked like a girl. Completely like a woman. And now you need
to invent a new word for that, I think.
Bill: Fag.
Tom: Fag. Embarrassing. Woman. Something in between. Cant even define it, anymore. Pathetic.
Bill: And that weird little nut.
Tom: Yeah, he’s just the greatest! Definitely never fucked anyone! And if he has, maybe one or two 16 year olds. Tops. And he keeps talking about women, about being a womanizer.
Bill: And the other two, who never get to say anything anyway…
Tom: Gregor and Günther or something. They look like idiots on that picture.
Bill: If I’d have had the bottle, I’d have had a few more.
Tom: Self-overestimating morons.
I never liked that girl band. But they get worse every day. They outdo themselves.
Bill: Ugly.
Tom: Totally ugly. And they are so overestimated. They can’t do a singe thing and got millions for it!
Bill: They’re really filling up their wallets. And they’re not doing anything for it! They’re just driving around with their big ass cars! Two bg fat red Ferraris. And the other idiot. What’s his name? Tom and his fag of a brother. They are so antisocial.
Tom: And now they have a “cool” new look.
Bill: Cool. They look even cooler than before. And he just looks like a fag.
Tom: Damn fag. You really need it…
Bill: It used to be somewhat okay. Now he just sucks.
Tom: And in other countries.
Bill: Yeah. In other countries. You’re sooo cool. All “international”, just shut the fuck up, already. Suckers.
Tom: And there you have it, again. Money changes people. The moment you have some cash, you change.
Bill: And the way they make themselves out!
Tom: And what tops is that they don’t have a stylist. They should get one, stat. The way they’re running around, that’s just…
Bill: Embarrassing.
Tom: Just imagine people waling around like that on the streets.
Bill: Bill. Now him I’d like to wipe him off the face of the planet, for real!
Tom: I’d like to spit at him. For his ugly mutt face.
Bill: Yeah.
Tom: And with make-up. As a guy. Completely painted over. Ridiculous.


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I hate it when people rip animals out of their natural habitat just for their personal pleasure and for basically locking them up like a toy at home. But I NEED to show you this – whoever doesn’t go crazy must have a heart of stone. Slow Loris are the sweetest animals on earth but that’s also why they are doomed. Please also check this page and tell everyone you know about it


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I felt THat I should have THe pics taken at THe Krone after party in my site. THese images have been floating around since 2005. Many followed by nasty. mean und/or jealous comments. I don’t know THe whole story of THat night. No one but THose involved do. But, incase some viewers are seeing THese for THe 1st time, or seeing THem again stirs up someTHing I THough THat I’d post THis video along wiTH THe pictures. <=)

THey are just pictures.
It was just one party.
Und she is just some lucky girl in THe right place at THe right time.

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4 Seconds of Smexy

(posted Apr 8, 2009)

Crossover has damn good friends.

For example
Dirk Nowitzki, Jan Delay, Denyo, Tokio Hotel, lotto King Karl, Pascal Hens, Max Herre, Azad, Oliver Pocher, Sigmar Gabriel.