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Heidi Klum ~ “❤️🥳 #heidihalloween2022”

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Heidi Klum ~ “🥳❤️”

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Heidi Klum ~ “🥳❤️”

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Heidi Klum ~ “So excited to be able to celebrate #HeidiHalloween2022 back in the Big Wormy Apple 🍎🪱. Thank you to the entire @prorenfx team for another unbelievable year. You guys are the best and I love working with you. 🎃👻🦇🕷️🕸️🧛🏻‍♀️🧟‍♂️💀”

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Heidi Klum

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Bill: Tom and I are vegetarians, but above all we don’t want animals to be tortured or for animals to live in a circus. Animals have to do this, you have to imagine that, and to be responsible for the amusement of people. That’s why we shoot today some photos and put ourselves in chains. In the first moment people think, that it is funny and that the animals have fun, but the reality is of course different. Of course the animals are not kept species-appropriate, and for running so nicely in the round, training is necessary and here and there a few slaps.

Tom: There are always parents, who go to the circus, with their very little children. The little children know nothing about the source, and that’s why parents have to develop the awareness, that this is not ok.

Bill: Otherwise there is a wonderful circus with artists, there, everyone can go. We did it also.

Tom: Now the second motive, now we are in the cage

Can you empathize with a caged animal?

Tom: No, I don’t think so. It’s a thousand times worse. We are only here for ten minutes to take a picture, but that’s already enough.

Bill: We see a lot with animals in show business in general, whether TV-Shows, performances, video-shoots, that was something, that we strictly decline. An animal doesn’t get it, it’s just caged and I couldn’t stand it. If I think about it, I am at once in tears.

The first dog that we got from the animal shelter, was seriously injured. He has burn-scares all over the ear, because the former owner stubbed out their cigarettes on it. He has bad teeth, because as puppy they gave him beer to drink. These are experiences, which characterized us.

Hey, we are Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel and we support Peta. Don’t let the wild-animals down, they belong in the wild and not in the circus. And to support all of this, go on and get informed.

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Tom Kaulitz, guitarist of the band Tokio Hotel, at a bit different practice – posing for the camera. The 20-year-old is the new poster child for the sport- & lifestyle-article-producer “Reebok”. He already got many offers, but the product has to match him.

Tom: “I could never position myself somewhere and then, for example, advertise for dress shoes. I think that would be a little problem with me.”

Authenticity is important to him, the subjects show his relation to music, the clothes and shoes are his style. Tom makes the choice of the pics for the subsequent campaign together with the photographer, and the pic could look like this later…

Tom: “Here it’s really that you have to outspend yourself, but it really makes fun. It’s something different and above all, I’m doing this alone, that’s much more uncomplicated than if I would have these other three dudes with me. So, it’s really awesome.”

The next subject gets prepared – stage diving without stage and band colleagues. Short instruction and then – “Action!”
Tom is giving everything, it shouldn’t be just some campaign, it’s about the fans. A prize is luring – an exclusive prize. Together with Tom Kaulitz and the band on tour. It doesn’t get revealed by now, how this should be like, but the winner will be close to the action.

Tom: “I think that this what we made here is a very good thing, the whole contest and so on, that the people can accompany us, and for me… well for us, as a band, this contact to our fans is especially important. And.. uhm.. this is very good, definitely.”

The campaign of the sport- & lifestyle-article-producer starts in July. Then it will also be clear, what we’ll get to see on the pics.
As a model Tom is almost doing as well as a band member of Tokio Hotel.

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