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The four teen stars of Tokio Hotel have made it through the monsoon into Disslike Studio – finally!
In addition, you will finally learn who Gustav is and why he always looks so grim.

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Berlin, Germany

“In the new “Boy Don’t Cry” clip by Tokio Hotel….
The band talked with us about their wild video shoot in Berlin.” 🍸🎼


Cologne, Germany

Toms Dating-Routine, Bill’s wedding wish and more. 💥 Übrigens: The “Boy do not cry” video release will take place next week. 🎬 // Wanna know everything about the craziest adventure with Georg, and Bill‘s wish to marry? We‘ll reveal even more in our interview with Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schafer from Tokio Hotel on sunday on! 💥 FYI: The video premiere of “Boy don‘t cry” will air next week. 🎬

To the premiere of thier documentary “Behind the World”, editor Lara is talking with Tokio Hotel about Instagram dating, song production, wedding plans and more! 💥 Editor Lara talks with Tokio Hotel about their work life balance, Instagram dating and wedding plans! 💥 Find out more and read the whole interview

Band Photos

“What happens on tour stays on tour”

Before the Film Festival on the Cologne Hohenzollernring, a human trait is already forming at the dawn of the fifth October. Every hour, the amount of human beings grows around the red carpet. Another film presentation at the Film Festival Cologne is approaching. In the evening premiere is celebrated. Around quarter past seven, the documentary Behind the World is supposed to flicker over the cinema screen in Hall One. As a second chorus of the chart striker Monsoon is obvious, which director Oliver Schwabe has accompanied the internationally successful German band for many months. In whose daily stress and fan-ecstasy he is immersed. Which four musicians have gained their recognition with ease during the intensive filming of the private and professional. On the occasion of the Kinopremiere of Hintere Welt, styleranking editor Lara Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing meet the interview and chat with the guys of Tokio Hotel about affairs, their work-life balance, crashes, wedding plans, the production process of their albums and their musical future.

styleranking: Let’s start with a question about the premiere of your documentation: What motivated you to produce behind the world?

Bill Kaulitz: We were at a point where we wanted to take the time to tell our story. There are always crazy rumors around us. It is discussed about Toms and my move to Los Angeles or the long break with the band. So far, there was no insight into how it came about and how we were working as a band. In most interviews, there is little time and no platform to explain such topics. The film is supposed to give answers what has happened in the years. Not as a justification, but as an insight, which is otherwise hard to get from the band. Then we got the concept of our director Oliver Schwabe. Although we liked it, we were a little bit skeptical at the beginning of letting someone get into our lives so easily. We filmed for over two years. The camera was always there, there were no taboos. This only came about because the final release was with us. When you leave cameras in your life, you never know what happens in the end with the material and you easily lose control.

styleranking: Since your comeback in 2014, you have emphasized that you want to create a balance between private life and career. How do you manage this, especially during such a film project?