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We were with the forces at the end

Tokio Hotel deliver the title track for the new “GNTM” season with “Melancholic Paradise”.
Whether the band will also appear in the show of Heidi Klum? “We must not betray that.”

MTV awards, number one singles, sold out concerts, hordes of screeching teenies – Tokio Hotel experienced absolute pop madness for six years after breaking through with “Through the Monsoon” (2005). All the more astonishing how unscathed the Magdeburg band got out of it after pulling the rip cord in 2011.

The twins Bill, and Tom Kaulitz (29) have been living in California ever since and have a noticeably more relaxed atmosphere there. Tom is due to his engagement with supermodel Heidi Klum still constantly in the headlines. With the recently released single “Melancholic Paradise” Tokio Hotel deliver the theme tune to the new season of “Germany’s Next Top Model”; From the end of April, the band is also back in Germany on tour. During the interview in Hamburg, Bill, Tom and bassist Georg Listing (31) talk about the trauma of the past and Tom‘s attempts to match Bill.

teleschau: Bill, are you glad not to be the most important person at Tokio Hotel right now – at least from a media perspective?

Tom Kaulitz: The most important thing he has never been! (Laughs)
Bill Kaulitz: It’s definitely a different situation. It’s nice that it’s not all about me all the time. But none of us rips to do so much as a private person in the media.
Tom: It’s nice that I’m in the “Superillu”.
Bill: And Tom is also happy that he’s finally in “Frau im Spiegel”.
Tom: Honestly, I do not follow that all that much. That’s the positive thing about Los Angeles, because you do not even notice it there. Since the books are not around the barber. But Bill says that right: of course I do not care. People always do not believe that, but it’s not like we’re giving interviews to the notebooks. They write about it, we do not get it and so can not control it. I also do not know what is in the newspaper in Italy.
Bill: That’s why one begins to develop a sense of relaxation. We do not look, and we do not google our names every day. That’s important, too. The nice thing is that we fly back to L.A. again and again, and then there is silence from the turmoil.

teleschau: Tom, you have an Instagram account, but do not use it at all. Why?


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Berlin & Hamburg

Band Photos

“Tokio Hotel shoot! Unbelievably exciting filming in Berlin & Hamburg for the new Docu! Unbelievable what stories the boys tell. More in the documentary soon. We are excited! Very sympathetic, charismatic, creative types!” ~ Clemens Bittner (Filmmaker)

Tom's Photos Twin Photos Bill's Photos



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Tokio Hotel: “There are things that you would like that have never happened”

If to you’re from 20 to 30, you of course remember them very lively. But if you are a girl, teenage recollections your are very tightly connected with them, with first love, walls in posters and total hysteria. Tokio Hotel still have magic authority above an audience. Even if you once forgot about them, they made it necessary to recall.
Before the concert in Ekaterinburg, We sat down with German kings of hearts to talk about getting old, reading fan-fiction, bucket lists and how it is easier for boys out there..

They turned out to be very pleasant and funny men. And yes, we do not recommend to look them directly in the eyes

— I was thinking what to ask, because you have been asked questions over and over again for like what? 15 years, 12 years, I don’t even know at this point anymore. So I wanted to do something like Google autocomplete interview, I started to Google you and that turned out quite boring, because, apparently, everybody wants to know the same thing about you — what is you height. Which is, by the way, as far as I see not as big as I thought. (Georg is laughing)

Tom: What?! (everybody is laughing)

— Actually, I thought you two (the twins) are taller.

Twins: Really? Hmm…
Bill: I feel like we’re shrinking already…

— Getting old?

Bill: Yeah, because we’re getting older. I feel like I was a little taller before. (laughing)
Tom: We’re 27, it’s not a joke!
Bill: It’s over already. (laughing)

— Anyway, I decided to ask just anything I want. That all made me think: have you ever Googled yourself?

Bill: Yeah. I mean I try not to. Nowadays I don’t really do it anymore, but yeah… If something, that you hate, coming out, or if there’s a new album, you do that and you look, what people say and what people think, you read reviews. I mean, yeah, you do it every once in a while. If it gets too negative or there’s some stupid tabloid thing out there, I try not to read it, I want to stay away from it. Some really stupid stuff came up recently, that people were telling us about, so we tried not to read any articles. Because we don’t want to get distracted by that.

— Does it make you sad?



Tokio Hotel: What did the band say to the Poles?

The Tokio Hotel team once again visited Poland and by the way, they had a moment to talk to us. On we have an interview with you guys and a special message for fans from our country.

German band Tokio Hotel on April 12, 2017 played an impressive show at the Warsaw club Progresja. On the occasion of this visit, Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg took a moment to sit down with us and answer a few questions about, among others. their latest album “Dream Machine”, life on the road, show business, and … fall into the scene. Robert Choiński, the editor of, spoke with the boys from Tokio Hotel. Be vigilant, because soon there will also be additional material on which the members of Tokio Hotel played with us in the game YES / NO!

Robert Choiński: I would like to talk a bit about your latest album. The album “Dream Machine” is the most electronic material you have ever recorded. Why did you decide to go in this direction?

Tom Kaulitz: Electronics is a very comprehensive concept. I guess it’s hard to say what we call our music. In our case, it involves primarily programming a lot of things. In general, I do not think this record was more electronic than the previous one. Our sound is constantly changing, but since the album Kings of Suburbia we have found our way. This has started. This time we just did everything by ourselves – we took care of production and mix. This is a very personal album that is very important to us. There are only 10 carefully selected songs. It’s 100% Tokio Hotel. We found our sound and that means a lot to us. Of course, we also experiment with synthesizers, with sound. We use the novelties that appear, but also the live instruments and we combine it all in the studio. But yes, this is electronics, if you want to call it something.

Robert Choiński: I have a question for you Gustav. Without resentment for the rest of you, but that’s what I see you as a real rock-man in this band. How do you feel about how Tokio Hotel is changing? You as a fan like Johnny Cash, how do you feel that the sound of Tokio Hotel is becoming more and more pop?