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Berlin, Germany

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On the race track today! Thanks @cadillaceurope for having us! 🏎🚀

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Tokio Hotel: “There are things that you would like that have never happened”

If to you’re from 20 to 30, you of course remember them very lively. But if you are a girl, teenage recollections your are very tightly connected with them, with first love, walls in posters and total hysteria. Tokio Hotel still have magic authority above an audience. Even if you once forgot about them, they made it necessary to recall.
Before the concert in Ekaterinburg, We sat down with German kings of hearts to talk about getting old, reading fan-fiction, bucket lists and how it is easier for boys out there..

They turned out to be very pleasant and funny men. And yes, we do not recommend to look them directly in the eyes

— I was thinking what to ask, because you have been asked questions over and over again for like what? 15 years, 12 years, I don’t even know at this point anymore. So I wanted to do something like Google autocomplete interview, I started to Google you and that turned out quite boring, because, apparently, everybody wants to know the same thing about you — what is you height. Which is, by the way, as far as I see not as big as I thought. (Georg is laughing)

Tom: What?! (everybody is laughing)

— Actually, I thought you two (the twins) are taller.

Twins: Really? Hmm…
Bill: I feel like we’re shrinking already…

— Getting old?

Bill: Yeah, because we’re getting older. I feel like I was a little taller before. (laughing)
Tom: We’re 27, it’s not a joke!
Bill: It’s over already. (laughing)

— Anyway, I decided to ask just anything I want. That all made me think: have you ever Googled yourself?

Bill: Yeah. I mean I try not to. Nowadays I don’t really do it anymore, but yeah… If something, that you hate, coming out, or if there’s a new album, you do that and you look, what people say and what people think, you read reviews. I mean, yeah, you do it every once in a while. If it gets too negative or there’s some stupid tabloid thing out there, I try not to read it, I want to stay away from it. Some really stupid stuff came up recently, that people were telling us about, so we tried not to read any articles. Because we don’t want to get distracted by that.

— Does it make you sad?


NRJ ~ Paris, France

Band Photos

Band Photos Band Photos Band Photos

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