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“Happy Halloween 🧜🏼‍♀️❣️ What a night!!!! Thanks for my amazing make up @thecandycrash and beautiful hair @katybaehm 💕💕💕 and of course @marcosquared for bringing my mermaid phantasy to life🔥🔥🔥 #sluttyariel” ~ Bill



Party #1  ~ Paris Hilton’s Halloween party

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Party #2, Halloween Night

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About You ~ Fashion Week



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Casual Street-wear as Beach Fashion

Fashion circus in a different way – This year it’s finally time,
the first About You Fashion Week takes place in Berlin!
A highlight is certainly the new label MDLA by Bill Kaulitz, on the AYFW.

more popular is the concept store where you can directly re-shop the fashion from the runway. The motto of About You Fashion Week refers to the See-Now, Buy-Now principle.

Unique moderation puts you in a good mood on the Black Carpet

With the moderation of the humorous Wana Limar, who is also a Vision for Children Member, the mood on the ground was neatly heated up. She talked to Bill Kaulitz, the day before his show and found out he is a big fan of About You. The singer of the well-known band Tokio Hotel, was inspired by the fashion circus in Berlin and wanted to be a part of it. He also finds it very important that fashion can be experienced by everyone.

Born in Magdeburg and now living in Los Angeles, he integrates the two most important cities in his life with his label. Magdeburg and Los Angeles short for MDLA. Bill, describes fashion as an attitude to life and loves to dress loudly. Shortly before the show begins, we discover Bill‘s band-mate Georg, in the audience who is very proud of his best friend and the show can hardly wait.

Casual street style and hip beach fashion unite
Booming 80s beats open the first About You Show by Bill Kaulitz.

Outfit 1: Glossy fanny packs with eye-catching MDLA logo and shirt with the imprint ‘Zicke’ ‘. GNTM participant Julia Wulf opened the show. Interestingly enough, the statement “Zicke” was not just for the female models. The men also presented skinny leather pants with the imprint on the backside. Too provocative? The audience liked.

MDLA by Bill Kaulitz

For the big Tokio Hotel, fans there were casual bomber jackets with the logo and tour dates of the band on the back. Fans can officially declare their love for the band by saying ‘I’m a Tokio Hotel Fan’ ‘. Oversized hoodies were casually tucked into the bikini pants of the female models. And if you like it rather simple: For the quieter All Black outfits but with the unmistakable touch of the Tokio Front Man – Bill Kaulitz.

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91st Annual Academy Awards
Dolby Theatre – Los Angeles, California

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Oscar’s Prep/Rehersals

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Pre-Show Party

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