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Tokio Hotel: Hair, Fans and Tattoos

Since 2001, Tokio Hotel held together and released four albums. With a brand new one just around the corner, there is no doubt that the German guys who have not even attained the age of 30 has managed something very few at all dream about.

A month back it was announced that the successful quartet is going to Norway in April, and in the occasion, Norges (self-proclaimed) the first Tokio Hotel fan brush up on German and keep your phone ready for a little chat with the band that has been through one and another monsoon.

Hey how are you?


It is now seven years since the last time you visited Norway, what can fans expect?

They can at least expect a bit of a show. We always have a desire to create an experiences that one can always carry with them as a memento. So a show that both entertains and is fun. Also, we are just in the studio currently and complete our next album, so there will be plenty of new music!

Hooray, when will the next album?


Tokio Hotel Bill Kaulitz “stunned” over the rise of the AfD

In the summer of 2005 the teenagers Bill, Georg, Gustav and Tom from Magdeburg as a band “Tokio Hotel” started a world career. Thier first title, “Through the Monsoon” is still a hit to this day and made them famous to Russia and South America. “Dream Machine” is the tour with which they will come to Leipzig in spring 2017. With the brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz, who have been living in Los Angeles for seven years, Anja Förtsch spoke.

Ten years ago there was not a day when you heard nothing from you. Lately it has become quiet. How are you actually?
Bill Kaulitz: We’re fine. We are in the studio without end, are very busy momentarily. There is no day when we do not work from early to late on the album and new songs. We have built up a bit of time pressure. If you do not do it, you can probably creep in the studio for years. Every band and every musician knows this.

Is the album coming this year?


The leader of Tokio Hotel,
Bill Kaulitz talked about his secret visit to Russia

Recently, the leader of the German musical band Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz secretly visited Russia. The singer presented his solo public art project BILLY, in which Moscow and St. Petersburg was held a closed presentation of a mini-album BILLY-I’m Not Ok and photo-book Love Do not Break Me. The impressions from the visit Bill Kaulitz shared with HELLO.RU.

Album release took place on 20 of May and is available for streaming only on the Internet. It includes 5 dance songs, telling about frustration, heartbreak and hope. On the song Love Do not Break Me frank musician released a video and a book of the same name, visually complementing the history of photography from the shooting.

Bill Kaulitz presented his book during a visit to Russia in October 2016, The BILLY project was successfully introduced in the US, Mexico, Germany, France and Italy. For its activities, Bill picks the special art spaces as positioning the project as the relationship of art, fashion and music. For example, for a presentation in Moscow the musician preferred club format, inviting guests into a night club, and the meeting was held in “Tsiferburg” entertainment center in St. Petersburg.

Despite the increased interest on the part of fans, the closed events only a limited number of people were able to visit. Bill chose to preserve the intimacy of the meeting, refusing media presence. Nevertheless HELLO.RU musician could ask a few questions and take pictures of the presentation.

Bill Kaulitz prepared a number of surprises for Russian fans. Just before the trip to Moscow, 27-year-old actor shocked the public with a new image – with a short cut and repainted in extreme color. Singer decided on the experiment for one of his new clips, which will be released in the near future. Guests of both capitals had the opportunity to see one of them – Not Over You.

I would not want to disclose all the secrets. I can only say that most likely you will see how I shave my hair directly in the clip – shared Bill.


Tokio Hotel Tour 2017: Interview mit Bill Kaulitz

Tokio Hotel will attend their “Dream Machine World Tour” live in Germany! With their number 1 album “Kings Of Suburbia” the synth-pop Stars were in over 20 countries on the road, where they were celebrated for their live performances. We talked with Bill Kaulitz on the new World Tour.

With the “Dream Machine World Tour” in 2017 you go on tour across the planet.
In your notice you have thrown a nostalgic look back. How come?

That was just our honest feeling. Somehow that’s with this new album especially for us. It has changed almost everything and somehow nothing. We do all this now for over ten years, but it means more than ever. If one is a few years older, it is perhaps sentimental !? No idea!

In any case, our dream has never changed and it feels as if we live it more than ever, conscious somehow! We as a band are free and feel comfortable with our creativity and environment, the people with whom we work. At the same time we are less willing to compromise than before and know exactly what we want, and make only that. That is also the core of the album and the tour. Dreams, our dreams … The “Dream Machine” that continuously rotates and is in motion, like life itself.

Are there some details on “Dream Machine”? What is behind the exciting title? What can new and old fans expect from the tour?

We want to achieve with this tour our visions. Our dreams come true and life, both privately and on stage, have the necessary courage with our art and performance!

Everyone knows that we are always very visual. So there will be a big show. We want to bring new to the stage. Unseen with an idea and soul. We have to have arrived feeling as a band and we want to share with the people on the tour. A Tokio Hotel concert is always a show. An experience! We are not a singer-songwriter, the jam with acoustic guitar four hours, see what happens. We want to create memories and reflect our sounds in performance, images and visual production. It is the big picture. The show is a trip!

With “Kings Of Suburbia” you have welcomed a Californian sound in your music.

The sound is linked definitively to the last album! We no longer do Rock music, for a long time. The album as a whole is very much experimental, but the sound remains electro pop. We found ourselves as musically.

For many a dream come true to see you again live in Germany. What does it mean for you to perform to German audiences?

It is very special. Tom and I no longer live in Germany, Since then, we can appreciate it again and come back much better and on tour. Germany Especially inspires us again. We love to come home. In the heart, we are German and it is our home. The German shows are therefore always special, exciting and important for our Group.