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Tokio Hotel, is on tour again, frontman Bill Kaulitz, was a guest on Friday at WDR 2 Studio. With host Thorsten Schorn he spoke about the new sound, fashion, about the wedding of his brother Tom, and fans of then and now: “Many come to the shows to remember together.”

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Bill Kaulitz in an interview:
That’s what I wear at Toms and Heidi’s wedding

Bill Kaulitz, was 15 years old when he started with “Tokio Hotel” and within a very short time became the idol of a whole generation. At that time, the native Magdeburg caused a stir with his styles, millions of teenies copied his looks – and are still anything but conventional.

We reach the superstar as part of the kick-off event for the new Zalando campaign #StandByYourStyle in Berlin. A motto that could also be his own: “For me, this means that you can pervade your style – no matter what others say. For me, style is like an instinct you can hear, even though others are not so good at it,” explains Bill in an interview with STYLEBOOK. The most important thing is that you never feel disguised. What he hates are “co-located styles”: “That’s why school uniforms or the same outfits in sports or dance groups have always been a big problem for me. As far as my look is concerned, I always wanted to be different “, says the singer.

Two days of normal-look are enough

Since 2011, Kaulitz, lives with his brother Tom, in Los Angeles, the move from the then adopted city of Hamburg in the Californian metropolis was also an escape from fan terror and lack of normalcy. Shrill outfits, jewellery, piercings, tattoos – in L.A. Bill, can live out his style on all levels. Is it even in the normal-outfit? “Yes, there ishe says in an interview. “I also have days when I sit in sweatpants on the couch or go out with the dog for a very short time. Otherwise, I like to wear a pair of jeans, sneakers, T-shirt and a bomber jacket over it.” However, he could not bear the gum-look for long: “If I have done that for two days, then I would like to make myself chic again I need that.” Bill describes his own style as rebellious and un-adapted – and that’s not over the top.

Flip-flops? Unsexy!

Could he remember a real style faux pas in the past? Bill Kaulitz: “I once had sneakers that looked like cowboy boots. In addition a baggy jeans, which I put in below. For me my personal fashion sin. Sandals are not for men“, the 29-year-old says, that is “very bad and unsexy“. He does not even wear flip-flops on vacation: “Either I’m barefoot or in real shoes.”

On the other hand, he can not do without sunglasses: “I own a very wild collection and I always have one with me,” he reveals. And they would have a great side effect. Kaulitz: “I think every look is much better when you have cool glasses on, so you really value it.”

With high-cut suit trousers for the wedding?

His twin brother, Tom, has been loving Heidi Klum for a good year now. The couple is now engaged and many rumors are already surrounding the upcoming wedding of superlatives. What will Bill Kaulitz, be wearing as the brother of the groom? The singer has already thought about that: “I’ll probably get something extra made. I love high-waisted suit trousers that reach over the belly button and have a very long leg.” At the top of the dress list: a linen shirt.


Munich, Germany

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Potato soup with Angela Merkel – Bill Kaulitz in an interview

Teen idol, style icon and Tokio Hotel front singer – no one was more appropriate than Bill Kaulitz
to present the MADE FOR MORE AWARD in the Creator category.
In an interview with Nikeata Thomspon,
he talks about his roots, his new home
and why Angela Merkel cares about him.

Tokio Hotel? – “We are a family

Nikeata Thompson: What’s more about you?

Bill Kaulitz: I do all kinds of things, but besides my music career, fashion has always been my huge passion. As a young boy, I started skating and designing things myself. Of course, I had no money to buy clothes. I’m always in such a cheap discounter, I have bought three or four T-shirts and have made new ones. I also love animals and have a little dog. Stitch, an English Bulldog who is now five months old. It was really hard to leave him now and give to the dog sitter. I would say that’s my mores.

I think you are much more. But you’re a humble person, that’s a virtue that’s not that bad.

Bill: I think the more you have achieved in life, the more relaxed you have to be, because then you actually have no more stress. It often happened to me that I really loved and loved artists. When I met them then, I often found the person totally shitty. That breaks everything and after that I could not hear the songs anymore or go to the concerts.

Tom and me and the other two guys are very important to know where we’re from. We grew up together – we are a family on the go. I think that’s very important, because you always think that at some point everything must break, because everyone is looking at the lead singer.

The fact that you are like a family, that is quite relaxed with you.

Bill: Yes, above all, each of us has found his role. For example, when I’m on a single cover, everyone writes, “Where are the others? The poor, they are always left out! “I have to tell you, they are happy, if they are not on top and do not have to take a photo shoot. I’ve always loved being on stage and being a performer. Georg and Gustav are happy, if nobody looks at them, they can hide somewhere behind the lights and just play their instruments. They love that! Tom, for example, loves to be in the studio and produce the stuff. Everyone has their own thing and that has developed quite normally.”.

You can tell that also with you, and that’s nice. I believe that your brother and you moved to L.A. because you can be freer there.

Bill: Total. At some point in our career, where I could not see myself anymore, I could not hear it anymore. It was all too much for me. There was far too little about what we do and too much about our private lives. That’s a bit out of control at the time. I wanted to run free again down the street and do normal things. We had such an isolated life, we were always in hotel rooms, we could not go out anywhere and were no longer part of life. You always run with your head down, that nobody talks to. You are like an isolated alien. I love people and I love to be with people. I really wanted that again. L.A. has really saved us in many ways. To be free, to be creative, to get pleasure for the whole thing again.

Did your parents always stand behind the whole?

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This headline is not enough to explain how cool Tokio Hotel was in our interview

Please all together: * Schreeeeei * 😳 Why? We met no one less than the Boys of Tokio Hotel for you! And they traveled to the capital through the monsoon to talk to Bill, and Tom Kaulitz (29) about everything they wanted to know about the two most popular German boys. Insights into the new music, Deeptalk and melancholy to party nights with Paris Hilton and potato soup dates with Angela Merkel remained in our exclusive interview really nothing unanswered (even if I was a little warm in the middle of the two …).

Are you an hour 1 hardcore fan? And remember Bill‘s Smokey Eyes and Tom‘s dreadlocks? Gustav, and George adorned the wall behind your bed as a poster in teenage times? Then you are exactly right here. The hottest tea of the hottest band twins is now being spilled for you.
Ready? Set, Go! 🔥

Bill und Tom Kaulitz im exklusiven trèsCLICK-Talk

trèsCLICK: I was sweet 8 years old when I saw “Through the Monsoon” 2005 for the first time on VIVA on TV – and I know VERY exactly how cool I found the song even then! Can you even listen to yourself or is it hanging out of your ears? 😆

Bill: Haha, we really like to play it! Of course, now some notes lower than before. 😂 I was 12 or 13 when I recorded the song – and somehow it has always been there since then. If I hear it that way now, it feels like a different band. But I still love the song, the fans too, and playing it has always been a very special moment.

Tom: The only hurdle is to bring a common thread to the concert so that everything looks consistent. Of course, on the tour (more about that right now) we’ll be playing new tracks too, and combining that with “Through the Monsoon” is of course tricky.

Bill: On the other hand, a lot of artists play totally fancy, new versions of their old hits and that’s not cool at all. You simply want to hear the original as a fan! When you go to Britney’s concert, you do not want a funky dance remix of “Baby One More Time.”

TC: Do you sometimes look back to old band times and think “WTF, what did we just think ?!