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Date of Birth: 9/1/1989

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Birthplace: Leipzig

Place of Residence: Loitsche (near Magdeburg)

Height: 1.83m

Hair: naturally dark blond, dyed black occassionally with lightened streaks (fur now)

Eye Colour: beautiful brown

Siblings: Identical Twin brother, Tom (born 10mins b4 Bill)

Allergies: Mosquito bites. (He was in the hospital for a week because of one.) Reportedly allergic to apples as well.

Nicknames: ‘Mecki’, given to him by his Grandma. But he says he doesn’t need any as his name is short enough.

Status: Single

– Colour: Red, Black, White, Orange
– Band/Artists: Green Day, Coldplay, Keane, Nena, David Bowie
– CD:Nena
– Koncert: Nena
– Cologne: “No Perfume, Deodorant is enough, preferably Axe.”
– Hair products: Hairspray from Kyrell.
– “Toy” : His Apple iBook.
– Actor & Actress: Bradt Pitt and Angelina Jolie
– Movie: “The Labyrinth” with David Bowie.
– TH Memory: “the first time you do something is brilliant- in the studio, playing a gig, appearing on TV, first tour.”
– Subject in school: “I’d have to lie here”

Hated Subjects: “all of them, all of them, all of them, all of them and ALL OF THEM!”

Pets: A black Labrador named ‘Scotty’ that he got from a shelter. A cat named ‘Casimir’ (reportedly murdered by TH haters some yrs ago). Has 5 dogs to date (2010), all shelter rescues.

Hobbies: Music

Dislikes: Untouched Nature (because of the bugs), rats, bigger spiders and snakes.

Hero/Idol: “I never had one; I didn’t want to live according to the rules of another, but nevertheless there are many people that effect me. I believe this happens more subconsciously.”

Wishes: “Liberty without borders and a life full of music for eternity.”

Motto/Life Slogan: “Leb die sekunde”

Tattos: 4 the Band Logo on the back of his neck, a star on his right hip, “Freiheit 89” on his left forearm, und “Wir hören nie auf zu schreien. Wir kehren zum Ursprung zurück” down along the left side of his torso.

Piercings: 2, one in his eyebrow and tongue (Bill has pierce holes in his ears, but has not been photographed wearing anything in them).

Goals for Tokio Hotel:: We’re always setting new goals. as soon as we achieve one, we give ourselves another.