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Interview with Bill Kaulitz
My twin brother marries and I’m happy for him

Köln – Almost overnight, Bill Kaulitz, (29), his twin brother Tom, Georg Listing, and Gustav Schäfer, as Tokio Hotel, have become pop stars and teen idols with “Durch den Monsun”. Not a few thought that this would be a short-lived phenomenon, but the band also got off to a great international start and is today one of the most successful German bands of the past 15 years with more than ten million records sold. On April 30, Tokio Hotel, will play in the E-Werk. Dominic Röltgen spoke with the singer known for his unusual outfits about this time, the aging and the upcoming wedding of his brother with Heidi Klum.

I say that if we had met 15 years ago in Cologne for an interview, it would not have happened so calmly, and I would have had a harder time getting through to you.

That always depends. We try to do something more incognito-like. I never actually announce where I’m going. When I do that, people are still there. I always try to fly a bit under the radar. That works sometimes, but sometimes not so well (laughs).

When you think back to this turbulent beginning, do you have a crazy memory about Cologne?

We used to be here quite often. Here were always the whole TV shows, Stefan Raab, for example, was produced here. It was mostly crazy at the airport. The craziest memory has nothing to do with fans, but with a pilot. Because we came because of the fans, because it was so full and we did not get through, too late to the plane. And then he flipped out right, made an announcement and said: “This fucking boy band! Because of them we can not leave here in time! “(Laughs)

If I may be honest. If somebody had told me in 2005 that I was interviewing you today, I would have definitely doubted that Tokio Hotel would be around. What do you think, how did you manage to still be there despite the immense expectations?

I think what is often forgotten: We have been a band for 19 years. Tom and I were seven when we started making music together. We are superficially a family and friends, and incidentally, we also work together. I think that’s why we’re still together, we never had this ego thing, as other bands often do. For us, the roles were always clear. And frankly, we never did the stress, we never really paid attention to outside pressure. In addition, we had the luxury of being able to tour in many countries. I think if all this had only happened in Germany, who might have done it differently?


There was always a lot of negativity at the beginning, and that might have worn us down over time. That relaxed us, that we were traveling in France, Mexico or Japan, so we did not really know what is written about us here.

Tom’s and her 30th birthday is approaching this year. Are you a little scared of getting older?

Not at all. I love getting older. I have always felt much older than I was. I think that’s great. We are all at different points in our lives too. Gustav, for example, has built a house and has a child. But the dynamics in the band have never changed. If we leave now, it’s still like we’re going on a school trip.

Speaking of child and different points in life: A wedding is imminent – that of your brother with Heidi Klum. How do you prepare for it?

Oh, not really. I’m just happy. I think that will just be nice. My twin brother marries, he is happy and I am happy for him. Although I am also involved in the whole planning, I also have to organize a nice Bachelor evening. But I still have a little time, so far I do not even know what I’m going to wear (laughs).

Can you tell if the role of uncle is coming up soon?

I can not reveal that, then I get in trouble with Tom (laughs).

How did you react when you first heard that Heidi Klum was the new girlfriend of your twin brother?

That was no surprise to me. I was there …

As? At the first kiss you were there?

Yes, I was there too (laughs). It was a birthday, and it was love at first sight. Of course I have seen that directly. I knew right away, okay, we can not get them apart anymore. And since the evening they are also inseparable. That’s why we all knew it immediately.

A new album is coming up. Can you tell in which direction that will move?

You have to imagine it that way. Tom and I have a studio in L.A., and actually we do music together all the time. Actually, such an album is always a best of the last few years, what we did. We’re still here, too, and we have not picked the final songs for the upcoming album yet. But I would say, it will come out by the end of the year. The songs are all very different, because I hate to repeat myself. For example, the new single “When It Rains, It Pours” is something completely different from the song before it.

The new show should be a bit of a journey through the past career. What will happen there?

So of course we take a lot of the old songs with us and play German songs for a while now. So, the old fans have a little nostalgia, and the newer learn to know how it used to be. And we always do a huge show. We have been planning for six months now and have been intensively rehearsing for four weeks. We always want to create an experience that people remember. The stage will look different for each song, there are quite a lot of costume changes. It will be fine.

Let’s come to the last question. If Tokio Hotel were animals, which member would be which?

(laughs) Hm, let me think about that. So Gustav would be a sloth, because he is very comfortable, does his thing and plays drums. He does energetically, but he is just the calm and very relaxed. He can not throw anything off course, is not present at any team call and never reads the e-mails. He just does not stress. I, on the other hand, would be such an excited animal, which is always lit all day long. A meerkat maybe – or a mouse. Tom is such an in-between thing. He would probably like to be a dog. And Georg … What is there for a clever animal, so with glasses, what you can imagine as a bureaucrat?

An owl maybe?

Yes, an owl is good. Because Georg is the financial type here. He always knows what each light costs and keeps an eye on finances for all of us. Something that Tom and I can not do. Georg is always structured and tidy and sits in the office.

Bill's Photos

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