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I think girly shirts are so old-fashioned” – Bill Kaulitz
on good style and his fashion label Magedburg LA

Girls, please take a moment to relax: We met Bill Kaulitz, from Tokio Hotel, for an interview. But no, we did not try to get him (like many other magazines) information about a possible pregnancy from Heidi Klum. We had more important things to discuss. Namely, that Bill, has launched his own fashion label Magdeburg Los Angeles.

How that looks exactly is generally important in terms of style and much more, we have discussed with him.

Hey Bill, nice that it worked with the interview and Congrats to the fashion label Magdeburg – Los Angeles. How did you suddenly make fashion as a singer?

Bill Kaulitz: “I’ve always found fashion exciting, I never bought things off the rack, and when, I tailor them and pimped them myself, making them special and extraordinary, and then I designed the merchandise from Tokio Hotel But then I liked them so much that they wanted to have ‘normal’ fashion from me too, so I just started to create my own little collection, starting with 12 parts, but now it’s getting more, we want it launch regularly.

Can you describe the collection?

The first parts that we launched on the market were still in a color family – mostly black – the new parts are all a bit more colorful and daring, lots of neon and glitter, and most importantly, it’s all unisex Fashion pieces are available in sizes from XS to XL, so that everyone can wear everything, which is extremely important to me. When I grew up, I always bought parts in the women’s department in larger sizes and then sewed them in. I found that there are so many great women who dress in men’s parts and style cool, especially hoodies and shirts, the transition is very fluid, I think girly shirts are so old-fashioned.

What does your target group look like?

In the past, Tokio Hotel fans, the logo could be clearly seen there, but we are now more and more away from the newer stuff and play more in the background, so if you do not know that part of the Magdeburg Los Angeles collection is, you have no idea that it has anything to do with Tokio Hotel. Old-aged I would say that we in the early 20 to mid-30-year-old address, but I really hate to age Heidi, for example, loves to wear our clothes, so he just has to style them correctly.”

Speaking of proper style. Do you have a favorite style that you can give to our users?

Girls like when they wear an oversized hoody with hotpants, so you do not necessarily see the pants and cool, coarse boots on top of them.” This is a great outfit for a balmy summer night, as well as more casual shirts and put me in a miniskirt, that’s great.”

What is your favorite piece from the collection?

Well, the fanny pack with the slogan ‘Mommy is broke’, it’s very disco, I’m always hanging on the crossbody bag, which I like very much.”

The label is called Magdeburg – Los Angeles. Sure, you’re from Magdeburg, but now live in LA. Which city inspires you more?

Difficult question, so the next collection, for example, is being shot with Buffalos, they all used to be in Magdeburg, and I had them too, the middle ones, the very high ones, all of them, I play a bit with the 90s chubby, with whom I grew up and the Chickeren from LA, where I live now, but I got the name, when I saw a woman at the airport, who had a bag, Magdeburg was written on it, I thought it was so cool and so social The fact that they dare to run around with Magdeburg merchandise, which has inspired me insanely.”

Where is the collection priced?

It’s always important to me that all the pieces remain affordable, young people should be able to afford the street-styles, but it’s not that easy, after all, we really work with good qualities and great fabrics.”

Great Bill, thanks for the nice interview and good luck with the label. We are curious what else is coming.

Here’s what they look like, the new parts of Bill’s label Magdeburg – Los Angeles

You can buy the cool Magdeburg LA Pieces HERE, from the beginning of May, but also in selected department stores, such as the KaDeWe in Berlin, the Oberpollinger in Munich or the Alsterhaus in Hamburg.

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