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Tokio Hotel brings the house down in Madrid

A crowd of over seven thousand added their voices to the choir as German band Tokio Hotel rocked the Palacio de Deportes in Madrid tonight.

Presenting their new album “Humanoid”, guitarist Tom Kaulitz, drummer Gustav Schäfer, bass player George Listing and above all vocalist Bill Kaulitz, brought the house down with their characteristic music and contortions.

A few electrifying notes marked the start of the concert, as hundreds of fluorescent sticks lit up the otherwise dark stage and the curtain was raised on the stage to reveal a huge spaceship, which opened to reveal singer, Bill Kaulitz (pictured), dressed up in a striking costume with huge shoulder pads, more reminiscent of the 80s than the futuristic universe that illustrates the “Humanoid” album.

After playing “Human”, “Break Away”, “Pain of Love, “World Beyond My Wall” (with images of the Berlin Wall as a backdrop) and “Hey You”, Tokio Hotel’s lead singer dedicated “Alien” to “all the extraterrestrials who have come here tonight”.

The band’s anthem, “Ready, Set, Go!”, got the greatest reception of the night, then the band played “Humanoid” and “Phantomrider” before leaving the stage.

The encore was spectacular, with lead singer Bill Kaulitz astride a motorbike whose accelerator roared in time with every beat of “Dogs unleashed”, and then “Love & death”, “Automatic” and “Screamin'”.

After “Darkside of the sun” Tokio Hotel disappeared momentarily before bringing the concert to a close with “Zoom”, “Forever Now” and their most popular number – “Monsoon”.

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