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In bed with Tokio Hotel

Vanity Fair , 2010 Vanity Fair , 2010 Vanity Fair , 2010 Vanity Fair , 2010

Bill, you’re the girls’ idol, but the songwriter of your lyrics as well.
The second single, World Behind My Wall, says: “Wanna wake up in a dream”.
How is your world behind the facade?
Bill: A very lucky world. I’ve got a family, my four dogs, my brother Tom, the band and my job. But at the same time it’s difficult to find the same happiness in the world outside. I realize mine is quite an exceptional case.
Your album is called Humanoid, on its cover there’s a Bill-robot and in many songs you underline this theme:
you’re not robots, but people with a heart.
Bill: Many people just looked at the cover and thought that we wanted to play “robots”. Honestly, we thought to name the album like this because we feel like “humanoids”, i.e. “human-like”. We feel strange, different. In Alien I sing “There’s an alien in me”, but to be honest I’m singing about the search of love, about the union with your other half. In every song we talk about emotions and childhood memories, we’re sentimental and totally human.
Talking about aliens, you have said you believe in Martians.
Bill: I believe in many things, even if I don’t follow a specific religion. I’m sure that there’s life beyond death or on other planets. And I strongly believe in fate. Me and my brother doing this job was written in fate, we’ve loved music since we were kids.
Apart from yours, what music do you like? Where does your inspiration come from?
Tom: I like Stereophonics.
Gustav: I listen to Metallica. But on the right calf I have tattooed a sentence by Johnny Cash, whom I really like.
Tom: You know, honestly, we’ve got little time to listen to music. We’re always on the road playing our music and at the end of the day our ears can’t take any more.
Do you ever have any breaks?
Bill: Never. Actually, even reading a book or a magazine is impossible.
Talking about readings, Bill, you left middle school. Aren’t you interested in learning something more?
Bill: I’ve not taken a diploma because at that time I was already writing our first album and I don’t know if I’ll ever take the diploma. Now I’m Tokio Hotel front man, that’s what I’m doing and I have a lot of fun.
Tom: I don’t feel like getting one right now, I’m not interested. But I assure you we can write, read and count.
Gustav: I’ve taken my diploma in professional studies through an online-school. Maybe one day I’ll continue my studies… But at the moment we’re focused on the band, you know. It’s like our dream has finally come true and we want to carry it out. For our fans, too.
Gustav, last year you were attacked in a club, whereas Tom allegedly punched a girl who asked him for an autograph.
What’s happening to you?
Gustav: It seems incredible, but even I get recognized like a Tokio Hotel member. That’s why that night a guy in a club wanted to express how little he liked the band, let’s put it like that, and he smashed a beer mug on my head.
Tom: As in my case, lot of lies have been written. I’ve never hit a woman. Actually, I’ve had an argument with somebody on my way back home. However, they weren’t fans asking for an autograph, but girls I knew and they didn’t exactly have good intentions. You know, it was a private matter. This is also the proof we can’t go out without bodyguards, even when we’re not working.
Well, to avoid being assaulted, now you should…
Bill: Set your heart at rest: we’re not going to give up.

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