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They are the German style icons of the hour and we have an audience at them: Tokio Hotel. In February their “Welcome to Humanoid City”-Tour begins with concerts in Moscow, Barcelona, Paris, Rome and many other cities. GQ invited the two rock stars Bill and Tom Kaulitz to a photo session in Hamburg. Different from what he wears on stage, Bill wears classical Italian man’s suits.

Bill: Well, it’s not something what I could wear the whole time, but now and then I really like it. You can always combine it with other togs. For example I have very much dress coats and so on at home, which I wear with a jeans or so. I don’t feel in disguise, not at all. If I would feel in disguise, it wouldn’t come in question for me, you feel rather uncomfortable. For the stage it would be a bit too chic for me, I think. Now and then I really like it, but for the stage I rather need leather jackets and stuff, where I can really move in it, and maybe for 1 or 2 songs or so.

But the two also know that trends change quickly and they have their own method to develop modishly.

Bill: I think there will always be some outfits, which you find quite awesome, and a few years later you look at them and you don’t like them at all anymore. I think this will also happen to me nowadays. Actually I’ve never been ashamed of what I wore. Of course there are many things, at which I look at now and think “Oh my god, what did you wear there?!” But that comes with the territory, just to find the way someday and to arrive somewhere. But I think there are always moments, where you try out and discover new things and so on.

But on who does rock stars orient? We ask Bill if he has role models.

Bill: Well, I’ve never had a real role model in principle, but else I quite like David Bowie, I also like Steven Tyler, so it’s quite miscellaneous. I’ve never had such a fashion icon or so.

Also the fact that fashion king Karl Lagerfeld was personally interested in Tokio Hotel, shows that Bill is very stylistically confident in the matter of fashion. In autumn 2009 he photographed Bill Kaulitz for the German Vogue, which was a big honor for Bill.

Bill: I started to be interested in that very early. I also sewed and designed some things by myself, and it’s of course a dream to make something for somebody like Karl Lagerfeld. For me it was really a completely awesome moment and of course I was happy that he took notice of it, that he saw it and that he liked it and so, and I also find him great.

But how do you get such an own style, which is even held in great esteem by professionals? From where does Bill take his inspiration and maybe he can also tell us how his style emerged?

Bill: I think the inspiration comes from everywhere. That’s rather something miscellaneous. The whole thing with dying hairs, wearing makeup and so on, began through vampire When I was little, I loved vampire movies and I went to a Halloween party as a vampire once and after that I started to do this also privately.

And with that, he is exactly in fashion again in the times of vampire movies. But there are also clear no-gos with regard to clothes.

Bill: Well, the clothes which Tom wears… I would never wear them! And for the rest real fur is a no-go.

And consistently the two are vegetarians. But they differ from each other at the styling.

Bill: I find in the course of time, I like the stuff which Tom wears more and more. I can rather acquire a taste for that. But we’ll never change clothes or so, I think that doesn’t come into question at all. When we were 6 years old, we ran around exactly the same, and we had shirts with “Bill” and “Tom” on it, so that the people could distinguish us. And then it began that you choose the clothes by yourself and not mum. And then it went automatically in different directions. Tom’s style is a bit related to his music taste, he just listens to Hip-Hop, although he plays in a rock band, so it doesn’t fit together that good. But in the matter of clothes he always went ahead with it.

But despite the different styling and the opinion of it, the two seem to agree in other topics.

Tom: Actually Bill and I are like one person. I think, we just acted out different sides of this person and because of this we complement each other very good, because we have other interests now and then, but we were always on a common denominator. I know exactly, what Bill thinks – Bill knows what I think; that’s on another level, actually we don’t have to talk anymore and I think that’s why we complement each other very well.

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