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RTL Punkt 12 - Tom Kaulitz and Chantelle Paige 

Is Chantelle Paige Tom Kaulitz’s new girlfriend?? RTL reports about Tom’s hot night on the town in Los Angeles at a bar In the Hotel “Chateau Marmot” (where Tokio Hotel are currently finishing the last recodings for their new album) Tom Kaulitz is flirting with Chantelle, a singer in the US-Band Flipsyde.

RTL Punkt 12 - Tom Kaulitz with Chantelle Paige
Tokio Hotel’s Tom Kaulitz (19) and American singer Chantelle Paige (21) from Flipsyde.

Top German rockers Tokio Hotel are currently recording their new album in LA, but that hasn’t stopped Tom Kaulitz from flirting with a fellow celeb!
The 19-year-old guitarist was spotted getting friendly in a bar (Bar Marmont ) with the young American singer Chantelle Paige (21) from Hip Hop outfit Flipsyde.
They swapped admiring looks as well as a few drinks. At one point, he even put his hand on her knee!
Did they go back to the hotel to continue the party?
Tokio Hotel manager and producer David Jost told BILD: “During the day Tom is working hard on the new album in LA. I have no idea what he gets up to in the evenings.”

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