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I have made THe decision to not post/report any ‘stalker-type’ video und images on my site.
By ‘stalker-type’ I mean videos/images taken of  TH in THeir personal lives, und outside of work related events/appearances. 
Pics und video of THe boys in situations where THey expect THeir adoring public to be,
I will post THose.
BUT,…  I’ve never been a big supporter of such footage anyway.
I  have only posted such images when it seemed pertinent.  
In a show of support Against Stalker Mentality und intrusive behavior THat encroaches into THe lives of TH und of THeir loved ones…
I will not post THe above mentioned.
I also invite all of my Affiliate/Elites to join me in THis stand.
THers as well,
If you truly love Tokio Hotel und wish to show THem THe much deserved respect THat THey are entitled to,
Stop posting, collecting, taking, recording,
even stop WATCHING the videos THat oTHers take.
I know THat it seems to be asking a lot, 
THink past your wants, consider THeir rights.
Vielen Dank for joining THe stand! ; )


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2 Responses to “NOTICE to My Visitors”

  1. clyde says:

    ok i get all the things you will not post, but what will you post tee-hee

  2. BTGG says:


    As long as it stays wiTHin THe rule of respecting TH & it's members, I POST IT! :D

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