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Tokio Hotel returns with Kings of Suburbia,
a personal and a very electronic sound album

Know what its members Bill and Tom Kaulitz told about this new production in StarMedia exclusive interview from Los Angeles, USA

Five years they remained away to take scenarios from a new life and to rediscover their musical path, Tokio Hotel return with Kings of Suburbia, their fourth Album. In an interview for StarMedia members Bill and Tom Kaulitz told details of it’s new production. Here’s what they said!

1. What do you feel in his comeback after 5 years of absence from music?

Bill: “we were not at all away because we were working in the Studio doing Kings of Suburbia and we are now happy to be back to show people this new album. We also miss our fans, the stage and introduce ourselves live.”

2. kings of Suburbia sounds completely different to what you have done, why make such a radical change?

Tom: “on the sound of the new album, we are very happy because it was a whole process write songs and produce them. We try to do something different, authentic and I can say that we like all the songs that are on the disk.”

3. which of the songs do you feel you most identified?

Bill: “it is difficult to say one only because we produced the entire album, made mixtures and work hard. We took enough time doing and put lots of love. What we hear can be different everyday, for example now is Love who loves you back that is a great song“.

4. What is the story behind the title of the Kings of Suburbia album and song that bears this name?

Bill: “we had the idea of naming it Kings of Suburbia on a trip to Germany. It came by that feeling you have when you’re young you feel the King of your universe, wanting to do what you like. That was a feeling we share with everyone when we did the record. It also has relation with our lives because all come from different suburbs of Germany“.

5. Who thought of the concept of the video Girl got a gun? What d you say to criticisms that you’ve received?

Bill: “we are very happy with the video and believe it is one of the best we have done. We create the concept together with the director Kris Moyes who is a very innovative person. We wanted something cool and new because the song has an interesting sound. I had the idea of including drag queens and Kris made the proposal for the costumes and makeup. We really liked it and it is normal that there are people who like it and those who do not“.

6. Will you include Mexico in his international tour?

Tom: “We are planning the tour, I think that we will start in the spring of 2015. Mexico will be included and we will also go for promotion before the end of the 2014. We get messages with much love from our Mexican fans, and it is something that we are grateful for.”

7. How would you define the album Kings of Suburbia in a few words?

Bill: “It is very personal, electronic, full of life, with much love and is one of the best albums that the band has done“.

- original article

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Sneak Preview of The November Issue of INTERVIEW.de
out Wednesday!

Sneak Preview:
the big Tokio Hotel INTERVIEW and editorial by Brad Elterman

Our new booklet – on the cover include Tokio Hotel appears on Wednesday.

Here’s an exclusive advance of a few photos from the 14 editorial, who was shot by celebrity photographer Brad Elterman for us in Los Angeles. Our author Harald Peters met the band after an extensive A-Z interview in Hamburg about hair, Los Angeles, and wild parties.

The new issue of INTERVIEW will appear on Wednesday, 22-10,
HERE  you can already pre-order the book.



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“We are pleased about the visit today by @tokiohotel in #FRA
and good luck with the new album!” ~ Frankfurt Airport

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Erfurt, Germany

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by Lado Alexi

To see THe Full set, click an image ; )

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Tokio Hotel is the love of my life

Berlin – Long it was quiet around Tokio Hotel. Bill and Tom Kaulitz (25) fled virtually overnight to California. There, they worked on their fourth album “Kings of Suburbia” that electro beats combined with instruments to Club music. An interview.

Why did you move to Los Angeles?

Bill Kaulitz: Because we had come to a point where everything has become Too much. We urgently needed distance from the whole Tokio Hotel madness. To At last, have time to find out what we really expect from life. For this, we had to hold our career back for a while and clear our head.

Did you find In fact the anonymity in California, after which you have longed for?

Bill Kaulitz: Yes. Initially we didn’t really move purely to Los Angeles, but had lived A little bit outside. So we could submerge completely. Especially since we were first often total at home when we went on the road.
Tom Kaulitz: We are staring here A lot less than in Germany. The Knowingness is also not necessarily the problem.
Bill Kaulitz: Exactly. It is really bad when people are always at the gate or even follow us. This was partially already something abnormal about it. In the United States, we are No more confronted with something like that.

Is there no danger so that you drop so like Britney Spears?

Bill Kaulitz: but everyone goes through crises – which is unavoidable. Questioning one’s self or one’s career. You must just To try to keep this out of the public, or the media make it a big deal. We had not pulled back anyway, without reason completely from the public eye. If we start now again correctly, it can happen, say in one and a half years: “I can No more. I need to step back, a break”

In theory you could then break up the band. Or were not created for normality?

Bill Kaulitz: I can live very well either with or without the fame. On the one hand I love to stand on the stage and make music. On the other hand I find it hard, to have no privacy. There are already moments in which I curse our success. But Tokio Hotel is the love of my life.

Would you exchange sometimes with your drummer Gustav Schäfer and bassist Georg Listing, who are not as prominent as you?

Bill Kaulitz: Clearly, they have it here and there more than we. They are still in her hometown. The loss of privacy was never a so great theme for them. Moreover, they are really happy. They certainly would not exchange with us.

Are they really never jealous of you?

Tom Kaulitz: Everyone has thier role in the band, which has Of course evolved. In this respect, since no dispute breaks out. Envy or jealousy never had it.

I would venture to doubt that as brothers there is fighting

Bill Kaulitz: We’re fighting some really intense. When that time happens, it’s so blatant that everyone else in the room go.
Tom Kaulitz: But after at least two hours, everything is fine again.
Bill Kaulitz: Because we can Not at all imagine a separate life, basically, we are as a person. If we are separated from each other, something is missing.

But you Two want under one roof live forever, or?

Bill Kaulitz: I think we will somehow always live together. Maybe we live one day in two adjacent houses, which are connected by a tunnel.
Tom Kaulitz: Although we have not stood in the last five years on stage, we spent every day with each other.

What is your everyday life in Los Angeles today?

Bill Kaulitz: Tom is A little bit quieter than I. I am totally A lot. Actually, I’m only on the partying.
Tom Kaulitz: We have a comic rhythm. Only between 6 and 7 o’clock, we go to bed. We see the Sunrise every morning.

The interview was conducted by Dagmar Leischow.

- original article

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“OMG! I just met Bill and Tom Kaulitz!” – AigulSeitmet

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Bill and Tom accepted the ALS ice bucket challenge!

To see THe Full set, click an image ; )

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