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“It was a great pleasure to add this Snake addition on Bill Kaulitz while chatting about the origins of extraterrestrial life forms.
” – Daniel Meyer

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Tokio Hotel: Bill Kaulitz Reveals New Tattoo

The guys from Tokio Hotel  are great tattoo enthusiasts particularly Bill Kaulitz  who has many body ornaments. Now, he has a new tattoo and proudly showed it on Instagram.

But the motive is puzzle: it is a Boxer. It is not elaborately engraved, but consists only of black lines. Such “simple tattoos” are currently in fashion. Bill Kaulitz  has also taken the trend.  It now adorns the forearm of the Tokio Hotel  singer.  The Boxer has a striped pair of trousers, receding hairline, a moustache and some hair on the chest.

The fans are surprised by the choice: “WTF” and “OMG” are the most frequent comments to the image that has the Hashtags “simplicity” and “lines”.

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