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The German boys of Tokio Hotel gave a concert in the Netherlands twice in March 2017. On Saturday, March 18th the band played around vocalist Bill Kaulitz a gig in Sleeping Beauty. One day later, Sunday, March 19, it was the turn of the Amsterdam Paradiso. We Smash Press interviewed Tokio Hotel in Berlin in 2015. This 30 minute interview can be found here.


Sunday the 19th of March: It’s finally time for the highly anticipated and sold out gig of Tokio Hotel. It is clear that fans are really looking forward to this concert. The show starts at 20:30 but the place is already filled up at 20:00.

Tokio Hotel doesn’t have an support act, just like two years ago at Tivoli Vredenburg. There is a beautiful decor with a platform filled with keys, electric drums and a lot more electronic instruments. To create a very good ambiance the band decorated the platform with lights that keep changing color throughout the show. The lightshow and the beautiful windows at Paradiso are a perfect combination.

Of course the music should be great as well. And on this evening it is! It’s easy to see that Tokio Hotel is good at what they do. There are different kinds of instruments all over the stage. Especially all-rounder Tom Kaulitz, who used to only play guitar, put his heart and soul in the variety of instruments he plays this evening. Georg Listing and Tom Kaulitz are mostly found on top of the platform. This makes sense, because they have to play the keys, synths and everything else the guys play in the show. A shame for some of the fans though, since the two were hard to see.

The complete show is super-tight. So tight that there is no time for a quick chat or outburst from the band members: the only disadvantage of the show. Besides that, the gig is exactly what the guys want it to be and it’s beautiful for the fans to see this concert. Those Germans are a well-oiled machine who do this day in day out. You’re able to see this through their performance.

Frontman Bill Kaulitz sounds really good. Two years ago the singer used a lot of the technical bits of the show, now you can hear him singing live. Most of the show seems to be live. The band does not hide the fact that Bill Kaulitz sometimes uses tape for the vocals. And it’s pure and honest! Bill Kaulitz isn’t afraid to show his emotions and turns the audience into satisfied fans. Especially with the tear-jerking last song, “Stop, Babe“, Bill’s pure vocals hit like a truck. You feel and hear his pain. “Stop, Stop. Babe, I’m not ready to love you, because I’m not fully healed.” If no tissues were used here…

Sunday the 19th March, 2017, the sixth stop of the Dream Machine tour, is most likely an evening for fans of the newer albums. “Darkside of the Sun“, “Black“, “Automatic” and “Durch den Monsun” are the only older songs. Besides those four songs, they only played songs of “Kings of Suburbia” and the new “Dream Machine“. This tight set with a beautiful decor on stage, a great lightshow and danceable tracks with a little rock edge made this evening complete. Everyone is leaving Paradiso with a big smile on his or her face.

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Last weekend we went to Berlin for an interview with Tokio Hotel. This was the first Dutch interview that Tokio Hotel gave since four years. The men talked about, among other things, the past five years, their upcoming tour, the most recent album by the band called “Kings of Suburbia” and much, much more! Especially for the fans this interview online before the tour begins! At the bottom of this article you can see nearly 30 minute interview.

Tokio Hotel is 21 March in Tivoli Vredenburg. More info on this show can be found on the website of Tivoli Vredenburg!


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