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Happy Birthday Pumba!

the day i took you home ❤️#threeyearsago #happybirthday #pumbi #birthdayboy ??????

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Happy Birthday Pumba!

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Erfurt, Germany

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Bill Kaulitz: Newly in love! Who has captured his heart
He has finally found someone new to snuggle up.
However Bill Kaulitz has no girlfriend…

Bill Kaulitz has no great luck. For years, the Tokio Hotel frontman is now single. But he has not to forgo the cuddling. The 24-year-old has now a new fluffy friend who immediately found his heart: Doggie Pumba.

The English Bulldog is brand new in the Kaulitz family. Bill  and his twin brother Tom have also ‘Tom’s boy’ and ‘little girl’ again three four-legged friends.

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