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Career interview with Natalie Franz,
hair & make-up artist and founder of Magicstripes

Dear Natalie, the story please briefly tell how you discovered Magicstripes in Tokyo: when was this and why were you in the city?

I was with Tokio Hotel in Tokyo and was on my day off on a journey of discovery through the whole beauty departments of department stores. There I discovered the stripes.

You’re the Makeup artist of Bill Kaulitz already for years. How did you become hair & makeup artist at all?

My mother was a professional ballet dancer and also I have completed a classical ballet training in Russia. As a child, I was fascinated by the world of Ballet, the theatre, the stage at all. The actors and their transformation through costume and makeup to a figure, have inspired me to care more for the topic of makeup and inspire. I have never had training, only much assisted by magazines, read all books on the subject and fashion, and “sucked up everything”.

Can even men wear Magicstripes? You’ve had a long friendship with  Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel and he’s advertising for your products.

Clearly, we have a lot of male customers. Because Magicstripes are invisible, they must have no fear that it stands out. Many men are also shy to go to the plastic surgeon – or are simply afraid of the pain. But Bill doesn’t need that. He is one of the perfect looking men I know. I am totally grateful that he helped me to make the brand known.

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