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Stream Melancholic Paradise

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Our official Melancholic Paradise video will premier today 6pm cet!!!
We will be watching live and chat with you guys. So excited! Make sure to join us

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!!!! GET IT NOW !!!!

Melancholic Paradise


watching the sunrise
only blue skies
my heart’s pumping to the beat

but you and I we know
that soon the night will show
a gloomy light that’s underneath

our souls they need
peace and harmony
but in the moonlight we get lost

when things get kind of crazy
take a break with me ma baby
no more trouble
let’s make love all night

cause I’m high on life
in this melancholic paradise
cause I’m high on life
in this melancholic paradise

our hearts open wide
we get hurt we cry
but it’s all worth it in the end

we have come too far
to let it go just now
I’m so happy I could die


it’s a wrap 🎬 video is done! today was the last day of shooting!
can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on
💥” ~ Bill

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