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Because it was so nice, I met the guys from Tokio Hotel a second time for an interview. We’re talking about a secret blacklist, the song at the Tokio Hotel was almost broken and of course the new single “Melancholic Paradise” as well as the upcoming tour. It was definitely a party with the guys, as you can see !!! Have fun!


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My Interview with @tokiohotel will be online today 5 pm CET on 😍 Leute, mein neues Interview mit den Jungs von Tokio Hotel war auch dieses mal wieder mega lustig. Wir haben über eine geheime Blacklist gesprochen, über einen neuen Song an dem die Band fast zerbrochen wäre (naja nicht wirklich, aber Story dahinter ist einfach zu geil 🤣) und natürlich geht es auch um die neue Single "Melancholic Paradise" und generell….bin ich jetzt Teil der Band. Punkt 🤣🤣🤣 Nein, schön war es und ich habe die Jungs und deren Team echt ins Herz geschlossen. Um 17 Uhr ist der Clip online auf Youtube, FB und meiner Website. 🏳️‍🌈🎉🦄 . . . . . . #tokiohotel #melancholicparadise #billkaulitz #tokiohoteltv #tomkaulitz #gustavschäfer #georglisting #tokiohotelfans #tbtokiohotel #interview #hollywoodtramp #berlin #hamburg #gayblog #gayblogger #gay #gayicon #instamusic #music #vibes #swag #style #love #life #happy #goodtime

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I met Tokio Hotel in Hamburg for the interview and talked to the boys about their video about “Boy Don’t Cry” and why Bill dressed up as a drag-queen in the clip. We also talk about his sexuality and prejudices, about the old and new fans, why there might soon be a re-release of “Through the monsoon” and why Bill would like to be Britney Spears.

Yes, it was fun and I really rarely had so much fun with an interview as with these guys.

And there it is. My funny interview with the guys from Tokio Hotel.
Have fun!


Hamburg, Germany

“Last Friday, Hollywood Tramp met the guys from Tokio Hotel for the interview and I filmed the whole. Rarely have I met so relaxed, open and casual interview partners who were also still authentic. Not approached or unassailable. The whole interview will be available on on October 10th. It is funny, full of info and some novelties 😍 PS: Yes, the music is really good, yes I hear Tokio Hotel, yes I am fan.” – Niklas (Fashion PR, Hamburg)